Warning! Health Experts Reveal Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia Again

All of us love eating seafood. It is amazing in taste and full of nutrients. No doubt, among seafood, fish is the yummiest one.

However, as a surprise to your ears, not all seafood is good for your health. Do you know one of the kinds of fish which is known as “Tilapia” do more harm than good to your health?

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Yes! You heard it right. The bad news is health experts are warning people to stop eating Tilapia. This popular farmed fish in America should not be included in your diet anymore.

1. You are Eating Crap Because Tilapia has No Nutritional Value

Tilapia is an affordable and easy accessible fish among Americans, but according to new research, it is hazardous to your health because it contains very few nutrients.

Researchers of the Wake Forest University School have issued a report in which they declare that Tilapia has least score of omega three fatty acids than other fishes in the list.

It is omega three fatty acids which make fish a healthy seafood. On the contrary, Tilapia contains a high score of omega six fatty acid which is unsafe for your health. Let me tell you in detail what crap you are eating. Read below.

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2. Say “NO” To Tilapia from Now Onwards Because Tilapia Can Cause Alzheimer’s

Are you aware of the fact that you are inviting one of the most dangerous diseases Alzheimer’s by eating Tilapia?

If you don’t, let me tell you of the obvious fact. Fishes contain omega three fatty acids that help in Alzheimer’s risk reduction and keep you safe from this chronic neurodegenerative disease.

But in the case of Tilapia, it is not like that. Tilapia makes you vulnerable to get Alzheimer’s so easily.

How? It contains a large amount of omega six fatty acids (for example arachidonic acid) that can lead you to Alzheimer’s.

3. Hold Your Breath For A While And Go On Reading More Because Tilapia Can Cause Cancer Too

Not only Alzheimer’s, but Tilapia can also cause one of the most life-threatening diseases which all of us know as “cancer.” That is right.

We all get scared just by hearing the name of cancer. How can we welcome it? Can you imagine what tilapia eat?

You will feel disgusted by knowing the fact that farmers feed chicken and pig poop, industrial grade harmful chemicals, pesticides and bug juice to Tilapia.

How can you be safe from cancer if you take such garbage into your stomach? These fishes are filled with antibiotics to grow faster.

Researchers have also found out dioxin in Tilapia which is directly related to the growth of cancer.

What makes it more alarming that human body takes 7-11 years to completely flush out dioxin. Isn’t it enough to stop eating Tilapia?

Let your dear ones know about the risks of eating Tilapia and save their lives. Spread the word by sharing this piece of important information on your social media accounts as much as possible.

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