Top 15 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

The main form of energy is electricity. We cannot regenerate electricity once it is used. In formal terms, it is not a renewable source of energy.

Why should we be concerned about it? Electricity, as we all know, is necessary for our living. Everything around us is running on electricity.

Why should we save energy?

Saving Energy is a prime responsibility of every citizen. We cannot store energy in a jar. It is our actions that can save energy.

A sincere citizen of a Country has a better sense of responsibility towards the resources of the Country.

At this stage, we cannot imagine life without electricity. When something is so important for our living, how can we be so ignorant about it? How can we waste it?

How can we not bring it to be utilized the best way possible?

With all these questions in mind, let’s talk about 15 ways to save energy at home.

There are many different ways to save energy at home. The first step towards saving energy, as you may have guessed, is to decrease the use of energy.

You would be wondering if it was easy to do.

Well, to your surprise, there are ways to decrease the use of energy without even bringing drastic changes in your living.

We won’t be talking about the unrealistic approach at all.

  1. Switch off unnecessary items

Switch off unnecessary items
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You may have heard this lot of time in your books, on the internet, in the newspaper. The most effective way; switch off unnecessary lights and appliances when not in use.

  1. Replacing LED Lights

With the advancement of our age, we have come to see so many smart things in our life.

Smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, etc. But we miss out one point here; not all smart things have the word ‘smart’ in it. Just like led bulbs.

We are still stuck with those old inefficient bulbs that give off 90% of the used energy as heat while only the other 10% as light.

Energy efficient bulbs are available in the market which in other words are known as led lights.

We should be replacing led lights with old lights at home. It hugely impacts the saving column.

  1. Purchase energy efficient appliances

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Old appliances consume far more energy as compared to the newer ones. They are very inefficient in terms of saving energy.

Just as we talked about old bulbs and replacing them with led lights, we should replace energy efficient appliances with old appliances.

An example of this is a TV. Old TVs would consume so much more energy than LED TVs.

LED TVs are not just better on display, it is better in every aspect. Hats off to the people thinking about it.

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  1. Reduce water heating expenses

Water heating is an expensive process. A lot of gas is required to heat it. You cannot stop heating your water.

One thing I know that will surely decrease the use of energy regarding this problem.

Have you ever heard of instant geezers?

They are just amazing. When you turn on the tap, the geezer powers up and as soon as the tap is closed down; it turns off.

It is an electric gas heater. It used electricity for its ignition only. Cells are inserted for ignition.

They are an absolute answer to reduce water heating expenses.

  1. Insulate your home

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When your home is insulated, it will stay warm in winter and stays cold in summer.

When your home is insulated, you don’t have to keep ACs and heaters extensively on for the whole season.

This way, you can decrease your electricity load and save energy.

  1. Washing machine’s rule

Here’s a thing called multiple washes. Multiple washes cause more load on electricity and consume a lot of energy.

To prevent from multiple washes, keep your washing machine full.

Do not fill your washing machine parts. After a complete load, it won’t be necessary to do multiple washes.

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  1. Use power strips

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Power strips and extensions are useful in a way that you can turn off the strip once it’s not in use. Unnecessary power supply turned on may consume a lot of energy.

  1. Use other sources

You may have to spend some money to do this. Use solar panels to get multiple streams of electricity.

Outdoor bulbs can light up through solar panel and other small appliances.

Solar panels are a huge success and environment-friendly.

  1. Use blower

Have you ever seen those electric blowers that work on gas and electricity at the same time?

I use them. Even though they work on both energy sources but they use it at a very minimal load.

In addition to that, they warm up the room in no time.

  1. Use daylight

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At day time, people keep their curtains closed and block all the natural sunlight and turns on the artificial light.

I don’t know how they survive like this? I start feeling depressed.

Utilize natural light as much as you can and keep the bulbs and LED lights off during day time.

  1. Multifunctional Washing Machine

New washing machines are coming with additional features of spinner already in it. So you don’t have to buy a spinner separately.

Once you have a separate washing machine and separate spinner, you have to use them both which utilizes more energy.

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  1. Use fans for cooling

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An air conditioner is a good appliance in summers but using it for long periods may damage your bearing strong weather skill. Instead of that, you can use fans for cooling.

  1. Conserve Water

Water is another source of energy. We do not bother to turn off taps when we are brushing teeth or keep showers on unnecessarily when taking a shower.

You should prevent yourself from doing it and conserve water.

  1. Keep plants at home

Plants leave a very soothing effect on humans. Not only they add beatification, but they are also a good source for peace.

When you have plants at home, they keep your house colder in summers, and you can conserve energy this way.

  1. Seal Air Leaks

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When you are heating or cooling your room, air leaks are a great barrier, if any. You should keep an eye on them and sell them as soon as you come across one.


By adopting these things, you’ll be sure to save energy in your home. Not only would it be environmentally beneficial but would also save you money financially.

Therefore, it’s certainly a win-win situation with considerably less investment required.

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