7 Signs You’re Truly Unhappy in Your Relationship

Relationships can be very difficult at times. Especially when there are moments that are not comfortable for either one of the partners.

In addition, the real problems start when these moments begin to get a lot more than either one of the party can handle.

Staying in unhealthy relationships can somewhat be taking a toll on your health and mindset, it is necessary to get to the roots of why the relationship is not going where it should be. Moreover, what are the reasons behind the unhappiness that dwells around you in your relationship?

1. Home Life taking a toll

It is no denying the fact our lives have different dimensions to it. There is the relationship dimension, and there are other dimensions such as academic, home situations and many others as well.

We are all going to have our good days and our bad days since we know that everything goes hand in hand. Most of the people that are caught in their everyday life are very frustrated when they go to their homes.

The deal to this is that you have to feel happy in your home. If you are in a position that you are dreading going back to your home because of your partner, then there is a problem.

In relationships of the sort, it is necessary to take a few moments off now and then to make sure you are on the right track.

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2. Self-perception and Self-confidence

We are often misleading by the fact that in a relationship, it’s about how much the other person loves you. However, we often forget for everything to go smooth and with the necessary trust, it’s highly important that you also love yourself.

The feeling of how you were and how important you are to your person should never go away because it’s a constant reminder that the other person fell in love with who you are in the first place.

If you feel like you want to change for the other person and to find it difficult to do so, then that might lead you to be unhappy in your relationship as well.

3. Looking here and there

Mutuality in a relationship has to be there even if nothing else. If anything, then the trust is something that keeps everything connected.

And in every case, some boundaries have to be drawn so that your partner doesn’t make you insecure. However, if you are finding it difficult to trust your partner with things, then it will lead to you having serious depression in your life.

3. Commitment

We always are afraid of committing to a person. Some more than the other. We tend to forget that if you believe the other person is right for you, then it should not stop you from going ahead with things.

In most cases, when one side moves ahead and initiates the next, the hesitancy of the other side is enough for you to realize that if the other person is interested enough or not.

If the case is the latter, then holding onto the relationship can be more damaging to you and be the case for your unhappiness.

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4. Imagining life without your partner

Daydreaming is normal. We do it all the time. In our workplace, in our personal space, and of everything that is of some importance to us.

However, there is a certain aspect to that does not seem right and that is daydreaming a life without your partner.

If all you dream about is a life without your partner and how things would be if you were alone, then that would lead you to not settle in life. The unsettling part is a major cause of you feeling unhappy in a relationship.

5. Resentment rather than love

As soon as relationships are about to reach their climax, it’s often because of the resentment that kicks in for all the times you acknowledged your feelings for the other person.

From a perspective of your partner’s, the unhappiness is picked up from the constant bashing that the other for being who they are. If this is a sign of your unhappiness, then it’s best to end things right there and then.

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6. Chasing Past Feelings

We all have our pasts and our demons. We often tend to reflect those demons to our partners now. This is pretty much along the lines of being unfair to the other person as well yourself.

If you still think about the past when you look at the person, then that is something that will bother you every time you look at them.

The best route of this is to take your way with things and go your separate ways so that both of you have freedom from the unhappiness.

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