5 Smart Tricks to Avoid Uncomfortable Situations

Uncomfortable Situations

We all have faced uncomfortable situations in our life and have always tried our best to successfully handle them. But the sad part is, that not all of these situations are easy to handle neither are we successful in doing so.

This is something that is not taught in classrooms or found in our textbooks. Handling such situations requires years of experience and exposure.

The skill of coping with awkward moments is not a part of any course we study in college or high school. Having such skill can come in handy especially in business and corporate world.

So get hold of these amazing tricks we have for you, and you will be good to go. These tricks are some of the most counterproductive techniques to avoid uncomfortable situations. Here we go!

Situation 1 – Unwanted Encounters

Such situations may be described as the moment when someone you dislike is approaching towards you at breakneck speed just to ask for some help.

Now, what you can possibly do to avoid them? Simple! Just pick up your mobile and act as if you have answered a non-existent call while you move away from the scene.

This way the person trying to approach you will not feel unpleasant and won’t have any negative thoughts about you as well. People are unmindful during an important call so keep your eyebrows strained, and you will surely avoid this situation easily.

Situation 2 – Conference Calls

You are a part of a conference call that includes different people. Due to a bizarre situation, the boss and the clients start firing at you. You were not expecting this, but it happened.

So what you will do is, take a minutes break from the call and think about how you need to respond. Once you have decided what to do, come back to the call and say “Oops! I was on mute”.

Situation 3 – Caught in the act

Being caught red-handed can be embarrassing and miserable. But now that you are caught in a situation you tried hard to avoid; you need to avoid it successfully.

Just make a sad face and divert the attention of people to something more interesting and important. This way everyone will be bound to get carried away, and thus you have broken the original rhythm.

Situation 4 – Invitation to an unwanted party

Keep in mind that if you are invited to a party that has no meaning to you, you are not wanted there as well. You have been invited out of courtesy.

You don’t need to be there at all. Just pay your host friend a smile when you both cross paths later sometimes. No one will have any hard feelings about it later.

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Situation 5 – Bullied

People mainly get bullied on things that they have done in the past. If a group of friend’s starts to intimidate you on something like that, don’t give them any justifications about it, it will only make it worse.

Go with the flow. Start laughing about the situation with them. Once you do this, they will have no urge in bullying you again over the same topic.

Such tricks can be very useful to you in your daily life. Try them and the results will amaze you.

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