5 Pro Tips for Choosing Artwork by Room

Choosing the right artwork for a specific space within your home isn’t a simple chore. For people to whom buying art doesn’t come naturally, it’s quite an intimidating experience.

However, we’ve listed down few professional guidelines that you should always keep in mind before purchasing any artwork. Art brings character to your home space hence allowing you to tie different pieces together.

Also, it’s an amazing investment as its value grows over time and can easily be taken with you while moving to a new house.

1. Artwork for Kitchen

A kitchen is a place that is often neglected by many art enthusiasts. It’s the heart of your house and therefore should be celebrated accordingly. You can place great art pieces above cabinets and countertops.

However, don’t put in too much but rather place small pieces that complement the overall look of your kitchen. Witty and social prints are always recommended as they tend to put a smile on our faces.

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2. Artwork for Bedroom

Your bedroom is a private place for your comfort. Hence, your art pieces should reflect that as well. Walls directly above or in front of the bed are the best places to hang your artwork.

Placing larger abstract art pieces is a good option, however, look for soothing colors. Scenic landscapes and desaturated photo with minimal frames are exceptional choices as well. Keeping the frame minimal focuses more on the art piece reflecting its beauty.

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3. Artwork for Office

Office work can be quite frustrating at times, and many professionals tend to lose motivation. The artwork is a great solution to this epidemic. It’ll not only help you personalize your own space but will keep you inspired as well. It’s a reminder to your belief systems. To place your artwork, you should install a floating ledge shelf.

Next, you can simply hang your art pieces onto this shelf without poking more holes into your walls. Mood board and inspirational work from great artists with positive messages should be the focus here.

If you start getting bored of a particular piece or frame, simply change its orientation and personalize it to your liking. The possibilities are endless!

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4. Artwork for Bathroom

The bathroom is yet another place within your house that is taken for granted. It’s a place we always spend time in however we tend to neglect it.

For your power room, go with a fun theme that reflects the excitement and sets the mood. For your bath, go with serene pieces that calm you down and help you with your anxiety.

Another alternative for bathroom art is to purchase it in pairs. The two pieces can have a specific theme or can simply have a different orientation. These complementary pieces would simply look great in your bathroom and will rejuvenate the whole atmosphere.

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5. Artwork for the Living Room

Lastly, we are left with the most important room of the house where we spend maximum time. For even amateurs or people with less interest in art, they still hang a piece or two in their living room for character.

Undoubtedly, the living room is a place that requires the most attention to detail as the majority of the guests visit it and spend time there. Whatever piece you choose to hang there will certainly become a point of conversation with other people so choose wisely.

Having a large piece with a quality frame or a gallery wall is entirely dependent upon you. You can step outside the box and be creative in your thoughts.

Just remember that whatever piece you place there should speak to you and reflect your personality. Art isn’t just a print or a canvas, but it can have various forms. The beauty of art lies within the viewer.

Keeping the above points in mind is important before purchasing any art piece. However, remember art is an expression of your self. So sought out advice from friends or family but in the end, you should feel comfortable with your choice.

It’s a reflection of your true self and should be personal to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you can’t go wrong with art. So buckle up and let your inner artist come to life.

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  1. I like that you mention how artwork in a living room will be seen by more people and can become a conversation topic so it’s important to choose wisely. When picking one, it could help to consider what topics you’re interested in, such as history or geography. This could be useful to find art pieces that you can use when talking to people to help you get closer to each other and to have the chance to be more comfortable while discussing it.


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