9 Ways to Feel More Positive (Even When You’re Feeling Negative)

Staying positive in this harsh world can be a hard thing to do. But being positive is something that can help you in the long run as well.

Everyone has to face the down days of life. Not every day can give you the best moments in life; you need to pick yourself up and be hopeful.

Every day, you may think that the day is going to turn out great, but sometimes it does not happen. There are gloomier days than others, but one must know how to take control and stay focused on your goals.

There are moments in life that can put you into misery and throw your off course.

So if you want to pick the day up, you need some stimulus to bring some sunshine to your life. Here are the nine ways to feel more positive even when you’re feeling negative.

1. Keep count of your blessings

We all have something to be thankful for. When you are feeling low and miserable, take out 5 minutes and list down the great things you have and experienced in your life.

Once you have made a list of the blessings, go through it a few times. Don’t rush through the list, read it properly so that it gives you a memory recall. This way you will feel better in no time.

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2. Hang out with your best friend

A best friend is the only person who understands you and knows when you need him or her the most. Call your best friend and open your self in front of them. This is the best way to express what you feel and clear your mind.

3. Meet someone new

Making new friends and meeting new people can bring excitement into your life in darker phases of life. You never know when you might gain a new mentor.

4. Go shopping

Shopping is something that can enhance your mood anytime. Go out for shopping, don’t buy anything expensive, just buy yourself something nice that will make your day.

5. Read a book

Reading a book or a novel will help you to divert your mind from the awful day you are having. Books bring peace to the mind and help you in overcoming the negativity phase of life.

A good story may put you back on course and make you feel better in the best way possible.

6. Go through some of your best work

Remember the time when your work was praised the most than all of your co-workers? There may be dozens of things you have done in life that were on the top of the chart.

Grab your best piece of work and see how managed to do it. This way you can remind yourself how it feels to be at your best.

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7. Tidy your desk

Clearing the clutter of your work-space will always put you in a good mood and make you feel positive. The best part about cleaning your desk is that you can feast on it for days until you make a new mess right away.

8. Funny videos on YouTube

Mr. Bean has received a degree in electrical engineering from Newcastle University, but he still makes the funniest movies and short clips for people like us.

So watch what Mr. Bean has for you when you feel low, and after some great laughs, you’ll forget what you were going through easily.

9. Throw a mini party

The benefit of working in an office is that you are surrounded by other people. You never know who else might be having a gloomy day.

So order some pizza and drinks and take a break from office with your co-workers. Entertainment and hanging around with the squad is a great way to stay positive and ahead of negativity.

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