12 Simple Garage Design Ideas That You Never Think Before

When it comes to storing most of your household items, the garage is almost always the place everyone prefers to put away their equipment.

Whether it be essential garage tools, a garage safety toolbox or Christmas decorations that need to be used only once a year, your garage is the place where you store all the necessary items that you can’t find space for in your house.

As such, it’s not hard to understand that your garage can get a bit crowded over time.

Well, not if you manage your garage’s space with these simple garage design ideas that’d help you keep your garage well-organized that is.

1. Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving
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Installing a couple of shelves on your garage walls can be a great way to create extra storage space in your garage, and all the best garage design ideas use shelves in one way or another.

However, instead of spending a fortune on wood shelving for your garage walls, a better investment would be to install wireframes or wire baskets as your shelves.

Not only do they provide ample storage space, but they are also much cheaper than installing wooden shelves.

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2. Customizable system

On visiting a shoe store, you may have noticed how the displays on the walls are customizable and how they can be changed around to refresh the display.

Implementing a similar system based on hooks in the walls and removable shelves could also be possible in your garage, and the freedom to organize your shelves as you like would make your storage space more adaptive to the different kinds of items you may have to store there.

3. Storage bin towers

Storage bin towers
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Storage bins are a great utility when it comes to stowing away numerous small items of the same kind into one convenient location.

However, if you have a lot of storage bins, chances are you may have been forced to stack them all on top of each other in a pile in the corner, which might save space but ends up making it harder for you to access the ones towards the bottom of the pile.

However, if you were to use a storage bin tower instead, you could save space by stacking your bins without losing access to your bins at all.

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4. Installing plywood or pegboard on your walls

For those who like their storage spaces fully customizable and very adaptable, there can be no better setup than a plywood or pegboard installation on your walls.

Both these setups give you free rein as to how you want to install hooks, shelves, the works and take them down if and when you please.

5. Overhead ceiling storage racks Storage bin towers

This is extremely effective in garage spaces with sturdy rafters and a high ceiling.

All that overhead space shouldn’t go to waste, and a simple ceiling rack made of metal or even DIY-ed using PVC pipes can work to give you access to a lot of storage space.

6. Storage bin towers

Garage cabinets
Photo By: potomacgaragesolutions.com

Like ceiling racks, garage cabinets also serve to utilize some of that previously unused overhead space, though this time in the form of cabinets at the top of walls.

The installation of these cabinets can be a little costly, but the amount of utility this setup provides is certainly worth the investment.

7. Storage tubes

Got a lot of long tools like rakes, spades and the like? Tired of having to constantly prop them up against a wall after they keep falling?

Just go out and buy a couple of cardboard concrete forming tubes from your nearest hardware tubes and use them to store your long tools from now on.

8. Ball storage rack

Ball storage rack
Photo By: picklerandben.com

Balls rolling around in your garage can be a real nuisance since they’re hard to put away.

However, by installing a simple frame on your garage wall bounded by elastic cords you can easily create a ball storage rack that is both easy to access and effective in its job.

9. Rolling workshop table

Photo By: startwoodworking.com

Those who take workshop work seriously know that you can’t compromise on the table size.

However, you can install wheels on to the legs of your table to make it easy to move around the garage.

That way you can position it in the ideal position for working on a project and the best position for storing it in the night.

10. Racquet caddy

Don’t throw away that old, broken tennis racquet.

Use it to make a caddy for your tools instead by drilling the handle into the underside of your shelf and using the mesh to hold all your small tools.

11. Hanging cycle storage

Another great use for your overhead garage space would be to use it as a cycle storage space.

You could do this by buying a hanging rack from the market or even making one yourself.

Just make sure your rafters can hold up the weight before you proceed.

12. Lighting up your garage

Lighting up your garage
Photo By: battlebornhydroponics.com

When it comes to garage lighting there really is a no better choice than using led garage lights in your space.

Not only are they the best at lighting up your garage, but replacing led lights is very easy when they stop working (IF they stop working).


By adopting these simple tricks, you can pump up your existing garage and make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

It won’t take much of your budget and it will certainly be an investment that would be worth it as well.

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