9 Signs He Wants to Marry You (Even You Are at the Early Stages)

In long-term relationships, sometimes it is very difficult to understand the slight signals someone is sending. Women always want to know the secret of their relationship with men.

There are always signs that he wants to marry you. By paying attention closely to the behavior of your partner, it can be found out that whether he is going to propose or not.

Men often express their emotions through actions but don’t say directly. The following are the signs women should look for to have a clue that whether that person wants to marry her or not.

1. He is making plans

Men don’t bring up the topic about which they don’t want to talk about. If a man often talks about his plans in front of you, then it means that he wants to get your opinion on his plans and he values your opinion.

He is willing to sacrifice his interests for you. When he is upset, or something is bothering him, he talks to you about it and opens up to you.

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2. Invitation to every occasion

If he invites you specifically on every special occasion, family events and holidays, then it means that you have great importance in his life.

He wants to introduce you to his family and makes you feel like you are part of his family.

3. Punctuality

If he is always on time, then it means that he cares about you and has feelings for you. When a man is serious about the relationship, he never keeps his woman waiting.

He always tells you whenever he will be late and will never leave you alone. He expresses his emotions freely without hesitation.

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4. You are part of the family

If he frequently takes you to see his family and you feel loved there, such that you can visit them on your own, then it means that they have accepted you as a part of the family.

5. You are the only one for him

He never does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or jealous. He never shows interest in other woman and is always focused on you even in public gathering. He often says that you are the only one for him. He likes staying with you.

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6. He respects and hangs with your family

He often visits your family and considers them his, like he already belongs there. He is trying hard to reach you through your family. He respects your siblings and gives them equal importance as you.

He never asks about your past respects your privacy. He is making a bond with your family without any hidden agenda.

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7. He sticks around in difficult times

In pleasant situations everybody hangs around, it is the difficult times in which a person’s sincerity is tested. He truly loves you if in difficult times he is there for you rather than making fun of the situation.

It is the difficult situations in which love truly shines. If he makes you believe that no matter what happens he will always stand on your side, then you can rest assured that he wants to marry you.

8. He tries to impress you

He tries to impress you with his abilities or skills this is to show that he can do anything for you.

Whenever a man begins to see himself as your protector, this is a major sign that he wants to marry you.

9. He told you he wants to marry you

Men usually don’t show their feelings straightforward. If he had jokingly asked you to marry him, then this counts as well.

Men want to be in control of things, so they usually want to be assured before giving their formal proposal.

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