7 Places You Are Forgetting To Clean

Places To Clean

Clean freaks out there have a knack for getting into every nook and cranny when it comes to cleaning their things or places. Keeping everything shining and top-notch is more of a habit to them as compared to a duty.

Cleanliness should be a top priority for different reasons. For starters, it keeps everything hygienic. And secondly, it creates an image about you in front of your guests and colleagues.

So, here are a few places that you probably forget to clean when you go to your house.

1. The Fridge

As we mentioned before, everything should be kept hygienic. And our consumables are the important subject of the matter. Therefore, your fridge is the most important place you should clean first.

Check for all the dirt and crud in the fridge. Move it around to notice how much dirt can get stuck in your corners. We have a bad habit of putting everything in the fridge.

So, be sure to move everything around over the fridge to get into every corner probably. Always know, health should always be your priority.

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2. Washing Machine

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Something that goes around washing your dirty clothes and then goes on to drain everything away. Well now that you see it like this, something that washes your clothes needs to be washed as well.

What happens is that over the course of usage, the soap and detergents that get used get accumulated in the small holes and orifices. This makes your clothes still smelling a little musty.

There are a lot of guides and techniques on how you can clean your washing machines. Be sure to see them before you wash your washing machine.

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3. Ceiling Fans

Just imagine. The most neglected part of our homes are the ceiling fans. Like it or not. The ceiling fans keep running all summers most of the time. And for those who live in a desert climate, these numbers are more than usual.

However, when the winters strike, we just let them be as they are. The amount of dirt and crud that gets accumulated is immense.

If you ever notice, then there will be black outlines to your ceiling fans. This is a sign that your fans are due for a good cleaning and should be on your to-do list next.

4. Air Filters and Vents

Homes that have central conditioning systems have a lot of ducts and vents around. The thing with ducts and vents is that they are ideal for dirt and crud to get accumulated and then make the conditioning a problem for you.

When the ducts and filters are covered with dust and crud, then the air that travels through these isn’t clean and can be harmful to you and most of all, the little ones.

Occasionally, it’s advised to go through these filters and ducts and keep them clean from dirt and crud. Compressed air can be used to blow out dirt where it’s difficult to make way.

5. Curtains

It feels nice to get new curtains for your house. Something that matches your sofas, your carpets, or something as simple as the paint on your wall. However, we see that over the course of months, we tend to lose our liking of the curtains.

In a lot of cases, it is because the curtains lose their refreshing new look. You can maintain them if you simply keep them on your cleaning list now and then.

Be sure to wash your curtains after every couple of months to keep your curtains clean and in top condition.

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6. Indoor Plants

Plants that have smooth textures or silky textures have the most chances of getting dusty. Most live plants benefit a lot from a quick spray of water and moisture.

However, if they are large and not moveable, then it’s best to wash them with a spray or clean them off with a micro-fiber cloth or a disposable duster to wipe each leaf.

Another best way to remove dirt off of plants is by using a blow dryer set on low settings.

7. Couches

Last but not the least. Couches. These are the things that get used all around the year and far more than any other thing in your house. Couches tend to get smelly and dirty quickly since they are frequently used.

This makes them prime targets for your to-do list of cleaning. Be sure to take off the covers and the soft foams. Wash them very thoroughly and deeply to wash off any smell or dirt.

Most of all, your mind come across something you lost months ago in the depths of your couch because that is something that happens a lot.

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