20 Must Have Tools For Garage | Essential Tools & Equipment

Every week, every month or every year, you have dedicated sometime to deal with the maintenance of your vehicle.

To conduct this maintenance there are some basic instruments and hardware each garage ought to have. Having the correct tool for the activity makes the work easy as well as enjoyable.

As we move forward in the article, we will be discussing some of the best tools for garage workshop which will be essential, handy and make your work relatively easy.

  1. Good Lighting

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While working in a garage, being able to see what you actually are doing is the most important part. Based on your budget, there are many different options available.

There can be fluorescent lights installed on the ceiling of the garage to have better lighting or there can also be hand held light options.

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  1. Fire extinguisher

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When it comes to fire extinguishers, the phrase “Better safe than sorry”  is the correct explanation.

This is a tool that no one would ever want to use, but it should always be in your garage.

Because of the nature of work in a garage make sure tho have fire extinguishers that are helpful with chemical or electrical fires.

  1. First-Aid Kit

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Once again, its better to be safe than sorry. There are many tools in a garage with sharp edges that can inflict some severe damage.

Moreover, the weight of the objects in a garage are also of great concern. It is advised to have a first aid kit in the garage, to deal with any such unforeseen incidents.

  1. Socket Set

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After ensuring safety and proper lighting in the garage, its time to talk about tools. Make sure to have the complete set of different types of sockets so that you will have one when you need one.

These sockets include T-Bar drive handles, Swivel-Head drive adaptors, speed wrenches and to top it off, a complete set of deep-well sockets.

Always go for the best quality so that you won’t have any incident in the middle of a repair.

  1. Torx-Head, Allen-Head and Ball-Head Drivers

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For many different types of cars, all these drivers are absolutely necessary.

Allen-head (also called hex-head), Ball-head, and Torx-Head (also called star-head), may not be needed often, but you will always want to have the complete set to make it look classy and have it handy whenever needed.

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  1. Torque Wrench

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Many nuts and bolts in a car are most efficient when they are tightened correctly at the perfect angle.

To obtain the precision in tightness as well as the angle, a torque wrench is a must have for every garage.

Its not always about cranking the nut as high as possible, but precision is the key.

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  1. Breaker Bar

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In accordance to the golden words of Archimedes, “Give me Rod long enough, strong enough and something to rest it on, and I will move the world”.

Sometimes you just need an extra leverage to either tighten a nut at a correct angle or open the nut bolt.

In such a scenario, a breaker bar is the tool that you would be needing. Always have this tool in your garage.

  1. Floor Jack and Jackstands

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Working on the vehicles in your home, in your own garage is a tough task. To make this task easy.

You certainly need Floor Jacks and Jack Stands to life up your car. Don’t rely on two jacks, but make sure to have two jacks and two jack stands to life your car safely and securely.

Secondly, while buying the jack and jack stand, make sure that it can easily hold the weight of your car.

  1. Timing Light

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This tool is one of the most fundamental tools, easy to learn their usage and fairly easy to use.

Having Timing Light in your garage can make a huge difference. This tool will be really helpful in keeping the efficiency of your engine at maximum because of continuous monitoring.

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  1. Trim Fastener Remover

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There are many delicate pieces and accessories in the interior of your car. A dedicated tool is required for the removal of such delicate pieces.

Having a Trim Fastener Remover will certainly do the job for you. It is recommended to have a 5 pieces set, for regular usage in your garage.

  1. Storage Tool Chest

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Imagine the frustration if you are not able to find the right tool when you desperately need it.

A storage tool chest might seem like a luxury, but it will help you in storing all your tools in an organized manner.

In this way, you will always be able to find the right tool when you need it.

  1. Workbench with a Vice

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When you are working on a vehicle, you are not always working under the hood or under the vehicle.

Sometimes you need an open space to work on certain items such as radiator or a carburetor. Having a workbench with a vice is a must for every garage.

If you need an extra pair of hands to hold the engine part while working on it, that’s where the vice will come in handy.

  1. Power Tools

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May be not all the power tools but a garage should have a cordless drill as well as a high-speed dremel tool.

There can be many uses of a cordless drill which includes opening or tightening any bolt to polishing your vehicle.

A high speed Dremel tool can come in handy if you are looking to trim some small pieces or giving your vehicle the fine touch. The possibilities regarding the usage of both these power tools is practically endless.

  1. Battery Jump Box and Battery Tender

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Imagine you have stored your car for a long period of time during winters, or you are traveling abroad. When you come back, you find out that the battery is completely drained, and the car won’t start.

At this precise moment, having a battery jump box and battery tender can be such a huge relief for you.

To conclude, a battery jump box and battery tender is one of the must have garage items. Battery jump boxes often has air compressor to inflate the tire, if and when needed.

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  1. Code Scanner

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Because of the inclusion of many electrical items in a car, the importance of a code scanner has increased exponentially.

These code scanners can either be inexpensive or too expensive, but they are an absolute necessity.

You wouldn’t want to ruin the electrical system of your Audi or Mercedes because you didn’t have a code scanner.

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  1. Multi-meter

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A multimeter can easily measure the voltage, current and resistance of any circuit.

While working on the circuitry of your vehicle, you should definitely have a multimeter to pin point any open or short circuit.

This will be helpful in preventing any huge electrical damage.

  1. Engine Crane, Stand & Vehicle Dollies

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A garage equipped with every possible tool required for repairing or building a vehicle also has engine crane, stand and vehicle dollies.

Working on an engine can be a headache without these tools. If you want to overhaul an engine, you will definitely be needing an engine crane.

After lifting the engine, where will you place it. That’s where an engine stand will come into play.

Lastly, without the engine it might be very difficult to move the vehicle. In such a scenario, you will be needing the vehicle dollies to move the vehicle.

  1. Air Compressor and Air Tools

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An air compressor and air tools can be handy for a garage and used for different purposes.

It includes blowing air in tires or cleaning small pieces under the hood or under the vehicle. It can also be used for easy lubrication purposes.

While purchasing an air compressor, make sure that it can produce at 90 psi of pressure.

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  1. Lift

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It is the ultimate necessity for a garage. The lift allows you to lift a car so that the underside of the car is easily visible and accessible.

It makes working on the underside of a car relatively easy. While buying a lift, make sure that it can easily withstand the weight of your car.

Also, before making a purchase, make sure that your garage has the perfect clearance to lift a car.

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  1. Shop Vac, Broom & Cleaning Supplies

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Finally, after completing your work in the garage, you would not wan to leave it all messy and dirty.

In such a scenario, it is must to have a shop vacuum, a broom and cleaning supplies so as to clean your garage and properly arrange all the tools and accessories.

In addition to the tools every man should have in his garage,the proper maintenance and care of these tools is also his sole responsibility.

Leaving a nail on the garage floor or having spilled lubricants can be really dangerous. Proper maintenance of the tools as well as the garage can also be cost beneficial.

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