25 Best ATV Accessories for Every Rider

An ATV ride is usually loaded with all the unique ATV accessories that a rider needs.

However, it is a rule of human nature that we always keep seeking more and more.

While our sweet ride is packed with all the cool ATV accessories, here is a list of essentials you can carry to make your riding experience more exciting than it already is.

So go for something that offers the best security, reliability, stability, and pricing. A few of these must have ATV accessories are as below:

1. Helmet

I can’t even begin to emphasize the importance of wearing a helmet. If a person doesn’t know how important a helmet is, he shouldn’t be driving a bike anyway.

So this is just a gentle reminder to stack your helmet with the rest before you hit the road. Make sure to put it on.

2. Boots

Ah yes, the boots. Get yourself the perfect pair of boots to go with your ride.

They need to be rough and tough so that they manage to go through the vigorous activity.

3. Seat covers

The default seat covers that come with the ATV may or may not be that durable.

Also, you don’t want them wearing out with time and your ATV to look old. So make sure you cover your seats with seat covers as soon as you buy your vehicle.

You can get new covers as soon as the previous ones start looking too old.

This way, you can not only keep your seats looking new, but will also be able to prevent your original seats from any harm.

4. Goggles

Of course, it is important to wear a pair of goggles while you drive. Going without it might be insane.

A pair of goggles help protect your eyes from the direct pressure of wind and heat.

If you don’t wear the appropriate pair while you ride, you are exposing your eyes to the risk of getting infected by the fast-moving dust particles that strike your eyeballs. So get yourself one.

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5. Basic tools

Include all the basic tools in your ATV that are required for vehicle maintenance. Make sure you have a basic knowledge about how to operate them as well.

6. Tire repair kit

You never know when will you need to treat your tires, especially when you are on a longer route. Tires are the first thing you need to take care of.

Check your tires at least once before you leave, and keep a repair kit with you just in case. You don’t want to end up astray in the middle of the road with your tire burst and no help.

7. Tow Straps

These are designed to be used for towing. They will latch onto any hooks on the truck, and the other end can be hooked with your vehicle.

They provide an easy grip when a simple tug is needed to get your vehicle out of a sticky situation. You will be grateful to have one when you need it.

8. Trailer hitch

A trailer hitch is the second thing needed after a tow strap when your vehicle gets stuck somewhere.

It levels the load by distributing the tension from the tow straps by using spring bars and chains.

The tension is distributed from the bigger vehicle’s hitch weight from the towed vehicle’s rear axle to the towed vehicle’s front axle an to the bigger vehicle’s axle.

9. Winch

A winch is a device used to pull in or let out, in short, adjust the tension of a rope. It is also used in the process of towing.

Keep all this equipment in your backup in case of an emergency. It has a spool that is attached to a hand crank.

If you are ever faced with a crisis, keep all this towing equipment with you to avoid feeling helpless in a desperate situation.

10. Heated grips

It is impossible to not almost freeze your hands while you are driving in cold weather. It is quite disturbing if you ask me. Installing heated grips will help you prevent that.

They will manage to bring your hands to a thermally stable state. You can even switch them off in the summers.

11. ATV covers

It is important to take extreme care of your things if you want them to last. Don’t forget to purchase an ATV cover, if you want to care for your ride the way it deserves.

It will protect your ATV from the harsh impact of the weather, like sunshine, dirt, and rain. Get a cover that is especially waterproof.

12. Saddlebags

Saddlebags are used to carry your extra luggage. They are especially useful during longer travel when you have to carry a more than usual amount of luggage with you.

The saddlebags can be placed on top of a carrier, so it is necessary that you buy one of those first. Only and only then, will you be able to carry the luggage with you conveniently?

Otherwise, it will be nothing but a hindrance.

13. Cargo carrier

A cargo carrier will not only help you carry your luggage with you but at the same time, it will also provide you with added security.

Make sure you get one whose size and weight is compatible with the size and weight of your vehicle.

Also, fit the cargo carriers on your vehicles at least once before making a purchase, to see if the size of the brackets is appropriate.

Get a cargo carrier with sides that are tall enough for your luggage to not fall off your ride while you drive.

14. Cup holders

What’s better than a cup of your favorite hot beverage in the middle of your ride?

Install a cup holder on your ATV to make sure you have a chance to satisfy your thirst for a sip of your beloved coffee (or even tea) while you are riding.

It will also add a ton load of attitude to you and your ride.

15. Face mask

You never know when you will need to step off of your ATV to relax and chill in the sunshine.

What if you come across a beach? Such stuff is especially important if you are going on longer rides.

Relieve your skin the pain and trouble it has gone through due to all the travel by applying a face mask whenever you can.

The dust and the sunshine will not be fair to your skin if left untreated.

16. Packs

Stack a pair of hot and ice pack somewhere inside your ATV. In case of a minor injury, you might need one to make your day easier.

As we know, accidents can happen anytime, especially on the road, so we must always come prepared in case of one.

17. Mirrors

No vehicle can do without mirrors.

A 20/20 vision is a vital part of driving whatever vehicle you are in, no matter if it is a bike or a car or a truck, etc. without them, there is a definite chance of an accident.

You will be putting yourself, as well as the others on the road in danger, so do not go without them.

18. Phone mount

A phone mount is an extremely important commodity when it comes to traveling. Handling the phone will become difficult if you don’t have your phone mounted on a phone mount.

Wit a mount, you manage to bring your phone screen and you’re front into the same view.

However, if you are without it, you would have to shift your vision away from the road every time you try to look at the screen.

By doing this, you increase your chances of a dangerous accident or injury. So do not use your phone without your phone mount.

19. Cooler

ATV’s are designed to withstand and vigorous environment, and they allow the installation of any accessory that you might need to optimize your traveling experience.

You can install a cooler with it too, when you are planning to enjoy a couple of beers with your mates, and would not compromise on the temperature.

20. Sound systems (and speaker tubes)

Imagine that: you are driving your ATV, looking hot in all that biking gear, with music blaring from your speakers. What an awesome look that’ll give?

Let’s face it; we all love driving solo while music plays in the background.

So make it a reality by installing speakers in your ATV and driving to the music. It will add spice to your long, boring journeys.

21. Battery charger

Then again, this is for the longer journeys. In the world we live in, it is impossible to go without a phone for even an hour.

Save yourself the hassle of a dead cell phone by keeping a battery charger with you before you hit the road. It uses the energy from your engine to charge your phone so that the only problem will be running out of juice.

Make sure both of them don’t happen at the same time (phone dying and petrol ending)

22. LED light bars

These light bars increase visibility. Get one that is compatible with the size of your vehicle, from all respects.

It should neither be too wide or too little wide, nor too long or too short.

Otherwise, it will cause nothing more than an inconvenience. If you manage to get one that is by your vehicle, it will never fail to assist you.

23. First aid kit

Encountering minor injuries will be way easier if you have a first aid kit to go around.

Make sure your first aid kit does not just have the basic stuff; it needs to have everything before you can put it to practical use.

So stack it with all the necessary equipment for the complete first aid.

24. Aftermarket speedometer

Keep your speed in check by installing an aftermarket speedometer in your vehicle.

It is important, as it will tell you if you are going above or below the speed limit.

Staying in the speed limit is a rule. Speedometer will help you avoid breaking that rule.

25. Spare fuel tank

Running out of juice in the middle of nowhere will be extremely bothersome. So make sure you have a spare tank of fuel to go around.

Of course, you will be able to get a refill if you are traveling within a city. So you don’t need one for shorter distances. But don’t set out for a long journey without one.

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