15 Must Have Art Supplies For Artists

Are you a new artist or perhaps looking for some additions to your art supplies? In either case, we’ve listed below must have art supplies for artists.

  1. Pencils

No artist can deny how much difference a good pencil can make.

Be it Staedtler, Dewrent or Pentil, wooden or mechanical, pencils are always a must-have. Make sure you have the right kind and the right variety.

  1. Erasers

What use is a pencil if you don’t have an eraser for your mistakes? And not just for mistakes but erasers can be used strategically to create effects and sharpen borders.

Not only will this erase pencil off of paper but off almost any surface.

  1. Pens

If pens are your medium, you need to make sure you have the right kind because there’s so much to choose from, such as colour, tip size, and tip shape.

Also, make sure you get ones that are of high standard, we love Faber-Castell’s collection.

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  1. Paper and hardback sketchbooks

Photo By: artsupplycritic.com

It’s necessary that you keep all your masterpieces organized in one place.

Whether it’s for a design portfolio or perhaps for a logo design, sketchbooks help you organize and keep track of your progress.

  1. Watercolour paper

Photo By: jacksonsart.com

Watercolour can be used on any kind of paper but it looks it’s optimal when on watercolour paper.

Artist Dave Kendall uses Langton satin-smooth hot pressed paper for creating his pieces.

  1. Masonite boards

Photo By: muckme.com

You can easily find one a size that is most appropriate for you and paint on it with ease like many artists do.

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  1. Canvas

Photo By: lesterparmar.com

Envisioning your next painting? Stock up on some canvas boards, either readily available in a variety of sizes or custom made to specific measurements from art shops.

If you’re skilled enough, you can even create your own!

  1. Mahl stick

Photo By: principlearttalk.com

Also called a painter’s stick, a mahl stick is a stick made of soft leather to support the hand of the painter.

These are quite easily available from art shops, but we’ve also included a link to make one yourself.

  1. Acrylics

Affordable yet so vibrant, acrylics are so feasible because they can be used on almost any surface.

Kendall suggests using Liquitex and Finity ones from Winsor and Newton.

  1. Oils

Photo By: genesisoilpaints.com

If oil is your medium, you should stack up on the different colours available in traditional, water-based and fast-drying types.

  1. Watercolours

When you learn to control watercolours, you can open up a portal of mesmerizing gradation and techniques.

If you’ve gotten the watercolour paper, get those watercolours and start painting.

  1. Inks

Photo By: winsornewton.com

Whether it be for glazing, adding a splash of colour or as your primary medium, inks will never not be vibrant and in style.

  1. Easels

Photo By : windriverarts.com

The choice of what easel you buy should be based on your budget and how much space you have, there are many to choose from.

  1. Palettes

Photo By : creativebloq.com

How busy at work an artist is can be judged from how much space on his palette he’s used. This tool is a must for creating your own shades and hues.

  1. Brushes

For almost every medium listed above, you need to have brushes, and that too of the right kind.

This depends on your medium, the size of your creation, the effects you’re playing with and the details in it.

It would be safe to say there are hundreds of choices to choose from.

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