7 Must Have Mudroom Ideas For Your Home

Mudroom Idea

Mudrooms also knew as entryway is a place that serves as the storage for footwear, shoes, outwear and all things that may bring dirt to your house.

Be it a clear sunny day or rainy day, you need to keep your house clean, and mudroom at the entrance will help you to keep your house dirt-free.

Along with providing storage, it also intended to provide cleanliness to the house. It usually has a coat closet, with tiles on the floor that makes it easy to clean the space that is a transition between the outdoors and indoors.

Houses without mudroom have high chances of getting dirt and making it tedious for the inhabitants to spend most of their time to get away with the dirt and dust.

Thus, it makes it essential for the houses to have a small mudroom to keep the entire house clean and tidy. When you have finally decided to have a mudroom, you must be very considerate about its overall look it wears at the head-start of the house.

Why not organize at everything, be it an umbrella, raincoat, your keys and all the stuff that you need to take while going out, mudroom serves the purpose of being your maid-without-wage.

Seven must-have things for an ideal mudroom are discussed below to keep the things in place and negating the possibility of losing things while going out.

1. Umbrella Container

Not all the days are sunny, and considering the mercurial nature of whether you should keep a container that can hold all the umbrellas and things that might be helpful on a rainy day.

It not only includes the umbrellas but it includes towels, the raincoats, the shopping bags that one might want to wear on shoes to keep the shoes dry.

Similarly, when it comes to snow, you need to keep the shovel, scoop, tray and all the things that might come into handy on bad days.

Make sure to reserve a place for all such tools and instead of losing your head when you need them, head straight to mudroom and you’ll find everything in place there.

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2. Coat Closet

This closet is not meant only for keeping the coats, blazers but this closet is meant to store all the sports equipment and hiking kits.

The closet must have some cabinets to store the kits, uniforms, and clothes while it must have space to store all kind of sports and hiking equipment.

Instead of taking all such things all around the house, keep them in the mudroom and take them along while going out. Another thing to consider while designing closet is to keep the space for hook of all types.

Think beyond a regular three hook hanger. You need to keep a hanger for keys, clothes, coats, handbags, shopping bags, jackets and caps etc. Ensure that you keep space for all type of hanger to make your life easier.

3. Whiteboard

One might want to keep track of things while going out or entering the house. Instead of fretting about forgetting a thing, keep a whiteboard or blackboard to jot down the things that you deem important and always want to take care of.

This board is the perfect solution for reminding you of the important things that you have kept for the weekend or your medical appointments or an important call that you need to make to the plumber, electrician or carpenter, this mudroom is the perfect place for this to-do-list board.

4. Place To Sit

After you have kept the place for shoes and clothes, you must keep something to sit on while undoing your shoes, jacket or coveralls. Instead of dwindling while putting off shoes, a stool or any chair would do a job.

However, if you need to save money, then the space above the drawers can also serve as the space to sit on while putting the shoes. Make sure you have kept the shoe-horn in place and somewhere closer to the sitting place.

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5. Screens For Ventilation

While designing the mudroom, it is essential to keep it ventilated and airy. An air-tight room would always be humid and will always be stinky because of the smell of shoes and other wet things.

So why not keep the place airy and ventilated correctly in the first place to shun the possibility of having stink in the room. Keep an exhaust fan slot on the wall to have a proper ventilation system.

This will not only keep the aura of whole house pleasant but will never leave a negative impact on your guests too.

6. Hard Working Rug

A hard-working rug must be part of this room to allow the shoes to be cleaned before they are put in the shoe station. Also make sure that rug is easy to clean and dirt can be removed with ease.

7. Shoe Station

Last but not the least, keep a proper shoes station that can house maximum shoes and covers the lesser space to allow other holdings to be placed. Shoe-station should not be intricate as it will be difficult to get rid of the dirt.

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