14 Proven Lemon Cleaning Hacks for Every Room In The House

Got enough problems in the whole house and a different solution for every single problem might leave with a severe headache.

But now it’s the time to say goodbye to all those worries and get your hands-on with something that you have been considering useless all the time.

Yes, Lemon is the solution to all your household cleaning problems. The aphorism ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ fails here, because Lemon, in fact, is a jack of all trades.

Be it your kitchen stuff, your bathroom accessories, your garbage can, your food storage cans, your cutting tools, cooking ware and even bathroom tiles stains can be scrubbed using this lemon cleaner.

This ultimate solution is not only easily available but it is home-made, and there is no hassle involved in finding the solution in the markets or superstores.

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So why not resort to an easy, cheap, all-the-time available solution instead of looking for multiple chemicals for different cleaning purpose.

Lemon is not only cleaning agent for household things, but it can be a solution to your skin problems as well. Get away with underarms odor, blemishes, and dark circles under eyes by applying used lemon on the affected areas.

Following are some of the lemon hacks that can be helpful when it comes to cleaning your household items yourself.

1. Clean your cutting board

Cutting boards usually give off unpleasant smell after long use and this smell might add to your meals too when you chop the meat or vegetables on cutting board.

You are definitely fed up with this routine. Lemon is there to save your food taste.  All you need is Lemon, Olive Oil, Salt, Water and some towel pieces. First apply salt to the cutting board with some lemons slices. Scrub it with the wet towel and let it sit for some time.

Then wipe it off with the new towel cloth. Apply olive oil and lemon extract mixture the board and wipe it off with the towel again. You board is smell-free now. Half of your problems have been solved.

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2. Clean fruits and vegetables

Your life is incomplete without fruits and vegetables. The natural ingredients that these things provide cannot be found in any other edible. And when it comes to fruits and vegetables, their appearance matters a lot when picking them up for use.

A rotten fruit can never be your choice on your plate and same is the case with unwashed fruits. Prepare a lemon spray with some lemon and water added to the spray bottle. Spray the basket with this solution and get the essence of fresh fruits.

3. Clean your bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles are highly prone to stains of rust and algae due to excessive use of water. Over the time, tiles present a sore view and all of our resort to the chemicals and bleaches available in the market.

Instead of spending money on such chemicals, why not make your own at home and that too cheap. All you need is Lemon, a toothbrush, and a towel.

Spray the lemon with water mixed in it on the affected area, rub with the toothbrush and wipe off the scrub with a towel. Your bathroom will wear a new look.

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4. Natural Furniture polish

Your furniture might be old and worn out enough to be thrown into the garage. Wait and stop right there. Your savior Lemon is there to give your furniture a new look.

You need some lemons, vinegar and olive oil to make a mixture and apply it to the furniture to remove dust, sticky and glued dust and all types of stickers that children have pasted on it.

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5. Disinfectant Spray cleaner

Lemon with its citric acid makes the perfect disinfectant and can be used to remove the germs from the places that are highly vulnerable to bacteria.

Apply the lemon extracts over the area that is disinfected and then wipe it off with the clean cloth. This is useful when it comes to kids who crawl on the floor.

6. Clean your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator might be giving off bad smell but all you have to get rid of this stink is to place some lemon slices in the fridge and allow them some time to soak all the bad smell. Also, make it your practice to put some lemon in the refrigerator to keep it free of odor.

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7. Microwave Cleaner

Microwave plate might be full of the spilled milk, meals, cereal or any other edible but scrub it off with the lemon peel and its extracts to get away with the smell in it.

Also, you can place a bowl of lemon extracts along with peels and then turn on the oven for some time with a bowl placed inside. A microwave is odor-free.

8. All-natural Stain Remover

Brass utensils may have been blackened over the time, but this is where lemon saves your day. Apply the lemon extracts on the utensil and then scrub the surface. Once the darkened areas start shimmering, wipe the lemon with a clean cloth.

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9. Clean Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils

You stainless steel utensils can be cleaned with lemon by adding lemon to your washing liquid and scrubbing it with the steel wool. The adhered meal will then soften and can be peeled off easily.

10. Rust Stain Remover

A toothbrush and lemon extracts can remove all type of rust stains on almost all type of surfaces. Scrub with a toothbrush after applying lemon and see the fantastic results.

11. Hair Odour Remover

Add lemon to your shampoo to get away with the smell of anything that you have to your hair, be it the egg or any other herb.

12. Cloth whitener

Whiten to your clothes by applying lemon to the yellowish areas on clothes. Wash with washing powder afterward.

13. Fresh up Garbage bin

Place lemon slices on the base of your garbage bin and allow it to soak all the smell. Garbage bin will give off quite lesser smell than it actually was giving off.

14. All-purpose lemon cleaner

Add lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda to the hot water and this solution is classic remedy to all your daily life cleaning problems.

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