8 Ways to Judge If Your Girlfriend’s Male Friend Is Actually a Friend

When you reach a certain age on your road to become a man, you are attracted towards a lot of women, and they are interested towards you too. It’s natural.

The thing that you may not cater is the fact that the woman you are interested too is bound to have some guys in her life. If you are attracted to her than be sure that other men will also be.

They are going to want to be with her, spend time with her and have a relationship with her. This is certainly a very tough situation, and it creates doubts, anxiety, insecurities, and challenges for your relationship.

It is not necessary that your girlfriend might be attracted to him or that he has any ulterior motives. But somethings may create doubt in your mind.

Things like texting and talking about him a lot, related social media activities, etc. things that disturb your relationship a lot. Well, here I tell you eight things that will help you judge the situation before jumping to any conclusions.

1. Her reaction when you ask him

Ask your girlfriend directly about his friend. Her response will tell you a lot of things. Did she feel offensive? Was her reaction defensive? Did she tell you that you were just jealous? Did she try to console you after saying that? Did she try to make you feel secure?

If she explains the situation and tells you that it is nothing to worry about and that he is already in a healthy relationship, then it’s good. However, she might try to continue arguing and being defensive. Then, you might have some doubts.

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2, Meet him

In a casual gathering with your girlfriend, ask her to introduce you to her friend. If she doesn’t want you to meet him then maybe he is not a friend after all. If you don’t see him at social gatherings then maybe he is not that important to her.

However, if she is still talking to or texting him, then you are right to worry. However, meeting and getting to know him still doesn’t mean that nothing else can’t happen.

Your girlfriend may not see it, but her male friend’s only motive might be to sleep her. Nonetheless, having a casual meeting with him will make you feel better.

3. Why are they still friends?

Being a caring boyfriend means to be there for her, through thick and thin. So, you might wonder that what is so important that she is still in contact with his male friend.

Perhaps, there has been a history between them like family relations, college or situations where he was helping her.

But getting to know about him and his motive is very important. Does he have a girlfriend? How close were your girlfriend and him? Why is he contacting her?

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4. How long has she known him?

This is important as it will give you a sense of the relationship between your girlfriend and her male friend. Is he someone she has known for a long time like high school, college or family relations.

Or he is someone she has just met. The latter case is more suspicious as almost no man wants to be “just friends” with a girl he just met.

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5. Does she text him when she’s with you?

Texting times and patterns can tell a lot. If your girlfriend has something to hide, then she will text or talk to his male friend when you are not around.

She might do this to hide the true sense of their relationship. Or it may be some other case: that she doesn’t want you to misunderstand her. However, don’t judge too early.

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6. You learned about him yourself or did she tell you?

How did you come to know about the guy she is talking to? Has she told you about him? Or one day his name just pops up out of the blue?

If you have been in a relationship with her for some time now and she still hasn’t told you about him, then you may wonder about the reason.

7. Has she been deleting his texts?

Some people like to keep things clean on their phones. So, they regularly delete texts from time to time. Does your girlfriend delete all her texts? Or she only deletes text from him? You don’t need to go through her phone.

If she openly discusses his messages with you, then you should probably worry less.

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8. Does she meet him outside her friend circle?

If there is one time that you need not worry is when your girlfriend’s male friend is in her friend circle. By dating your girlfriend for some time, you have already met him a few times, and you know about him.

And he probably has a girlfriend who is also friends with her. However, if he is not in her usual friend circle and then who is he?

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