7 Amazing Tricks to Enhance Your Brain Power

Are you worried because you forget things so quickly? Do you not remember what you study? Do you forget important days (birthdays, anniversaries) of your dear ones?

That’s such a mess. I know you wish if you could have more control over your brain.

But the good news is that there are numerous ways through which you can increase your brain power just by little effort. Studies have proven that our brains have the ability to “change”.

This literally means that if you are not very much intelligent in a specific area, you can “change” that area through some sort of little training.

Here we are to tell you about 7 simple tips and tricks to enhance your brain power.

1. Exercise and Meditation

Doctors always advise us to do exercise. But we take this advice for granted. Don’t you? Yes! We do. Very few of us make exercise our habit. We never think of advantages exercise give us.

We are so much busy in our hectic lives that we cannot find time to indulge ourselves in some healthy physical activity. If you want a healthy life with a healthy brain, exercise cannot be avoided.

Exercise does wonders. Apart from other thousand benefits, it is vital to develop our brain power as well. Daily exercise routine improves the process of neurogenesis i.e. developing new brain cells.

Our brain starts functioning well through exercise. It improves your memory. Stop being lazy, get up now and do exercise. Your brain will be much happier.

Likewise exercise, meditation is a cure for many problems. It keeps you away from dangerous diseases likes dementia and Alzheimer’s. Meditation effectively reduces stress and anxiety level.

Try taking out some 15 minutes in a day and practice meditation. You will surely feel more power to your brain.

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2. Memory Training

Memory training is a fun trick to improve your brain power. You can train your memory to remember things easily. Try out memorizing phone numbers of your friends, family members, and colleagues.

And an idea just hit me; you can also do memory training by memorizing your passport number, account number, credit card number, driving license number etc. Moreover, memorize important historical dates and events.

Practice memorizing your favorite songs, short poems, and religious verses. After some time, you will definitely see a visible improvement in your memorizing ability.

3. Proper Sleep

Your brain gets power if you sleep well. Sleeping time is a detox period for your brain. Our body recreates new cells and removes all the toxins in our body while we sleep.

You must get enough sleep in order to regenerate new brain cells. Sleeping only is not important. Sleeping in effective hours of sleep is of more importance to get more brain power and strengthen memory.

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4. Eat and Drink Healthy

What we eat does not only affect our body but it does affect on our brain functioning as well. We often are so busy in our schools, colleges, universities, jobs and businesses that either we eat very little or eat junk food.

We all know this is not healthy at all. We should feed our brain with good nutrients. We should consume right kind of nutrients that support brain working.

We should have fruits, vegetables, Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Amino acids, Blue berries, nuts, omega 3 fatty acids etc to enhance brain power. Avoid taking sugary and fatty food items.

The nutrients which are beneficial for your body also tend to be beneficial for your brain. If you are thinking to eat a fresh vegetable salad right now, do not forget me dude!!

Drinking plenty of water for good health is a universal fact. The same applies for your brain power. Drink a lot of water to support your brain health. Drinking coffee keeps you alert and focused.

Caffeine in coffee increases your reaction time. It boosts your intelligence. It also increases efficiency and effectiveness of work which you perform. So what are you waiting for? Have a cup of coffee right away.

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5. Always Think Positive

Tension, depression and anxiety are poison for our brains. Prolonged stress and strain do not allow our brain to create new neurons. Tension also destroys existing brain cells which shatter brain working.

It is scientifically proved that staying positive speeds up development of new brain neurons. You should stay away from negative thoughts as much as you can.

You must learn to handle negative situations with positivity. That is all your brain needs. It needs you to be happy always.

I know you would really want to improve your brain power. Therefore, say good bye to tension and stress. You look good when you smile.

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6. Book Reading Habit

Reading books is a soulful experience. It relaxes your mind and soul. It is a proven way to relieve tension and stress. Book reading increases your creative and imaginative powers.

You start thinking out of the box. It is a great way to train your brain.

7. Be Socially Active

When you are alone, your mind gets dull. Getting socially active makes your brain and body active.

Make new friends, hang out with them, experience new things, be little adventurous, play mind games, do something new. In short, enjoy life. This is good for your brain.

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