How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality (And Your Health Risks)

Ever wondered what these different shapes of finger say about you? NO?

Here is a short detail what your finger shapes explain your personality and your health. This sounds weird but to be honest, it has proven true in quite matters.

Bring close your smallest finger to the ring finger. There are three cases,

  • Either your smallest finger is equal to two sections of your ring finger.
  • Your smallest finger is exceeding two parts of your ring finger
  • Your smallest finger is shorter (not equal to) than two parts of your ring finger.

Different people have different finger structures, thus their thought process, nature and health risks vary from each other.

Shape 1: You look in the eyes of the world

Wow, you are a positive minded person, who dares to pick all challenges and always ready to face it. Once you have made your mind to get throw it, nobody can stop you.  You are confident and love to live life to the fullest.

This is one big thing one needs to survive in this world. You love to attain whatever you like, and you will likely achieve it. You are often taken wrong when you behave coldly towards new people.

But it’s ok; not everyone needs to be your friend, but it’s good if you show courtesy. Be a little more open so that you don’t get up depressed after a long day.

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Shape 2: Young at Heart

You are a young hearted person, who wants to play and have fun. You want to get accompanied by your love and live a fantasy life, but actually, this is no good. Life isn’t that easy.

You need to take things practically along with your fun-loving nature. You are kind, and you have lots of friends, beware there are a lot of people who may envoy you.

Shape 3: Couch Potato

Surely you take safety as your priority. Yes, at times it gets difficult to become a social butterfly for you, but you save yourself from a lot of troubles by staying distant from people.

You may take a lot of time to take a challenge, and plan out to get over it.

You love to stay in your comfort zone, as long as you are not driven by something different, it’s impossible you get out of it. Anyhow, get a little open so that you can have the courage to live a healthy life.

These are some real indications of people who fall into main categories. Surely their mood wings have a strong impact on their health. Staying precaution is better than hurting oneself even after knowing the facts.

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So what’re your fingers shape like? Why getting late, sort out the changes you need to make in your behavior and surrounding people to live a healthy life.

Now it’s easier for you to face life challenges, get through it and win the situation.

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Emily Atwell
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