10 Must Have Cleaning Tools List In Housekeeping

Cleaning is so much more tolerable when you have the right cleaning kit.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or hoping to upgrade your cleaning supplies, we’ve listed the top 10 cleaning tools in housekeeping.

  1. A handy sponge

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This is something that is an absolute essential to have. Sponges help in cleaning anything abrasive on most surfaces. If a classic sponge works perfectly for you then perfect!

Otherwise you can try out sponge clothes, a mixture of sponge and towel, or spaghetti sponges that don’t even need soap, or perhaps silicone sponges that will last for eternity.

  1. White towels

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Just like a handy sponge, this is also an essential. Plain white cotton towels can be brought from Crate and Barrel or else you can really find them anywhere!

The reason that they’re essential is because they always match with everything, you can see when they’re dirty, and you don’t have to worry about them losing colour when you disinfect them.

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  1. Microfiber Clothes

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What makes microfibers to amazing is that they can pick up any dirt, no matter how small, and that too without requiring the use of much water.

They’re also gentle to the surface, not leaving any scratches behind, which is especially great for windows.

  1. A Squeegee

A Squeegee
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Little, but oh so important! These cleaning tools are absolutely necessary to prevent mold from developing on your showers.

They’re also great for windows if you routinely clean them as well.

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  1. A Bucket

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The importance of an appropriately sized bucket is often underrated.

Not only does a properly sized bucket hold your cleaning supplies but it also helps with the cleaning, be it mopping the floor or cleaning the furniture.

You can buy one from any household store because they’re a staple for sure.

  1. A Spray Bottle

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A spray bottle is a must-have for a lot of things, be it for ironing, cleaning your windows or if you feel like being creative and making your own cleaning formulae.

Glass bottles are more durable and look more chic too. Either buy one or buy 6 together to save up on some money.

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  1. A Scrub Brush

scrub brush
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Need help scratching up some resistant marks that refuse to surrender to sponges and clothes?

Then you definitely need to get yourself a scrub brush to scrub away those nasty marks left in between tiles and fixtures.

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  1. A Toothbrush

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Just like how we use it to shine our teeth, a used toothbrush can be recycled to be used whenever you need more detailed cleaning than that of a scrub brush.

Clean your old toothbrushes and then use this cleaning tool to shine the surfaces of sinks and all those little spaces that are hard to clean.

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  1. The Broom, Dustpan and Mop Trio

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Everyone has some sort of hard surface on their hands such as wood, tile or cork that needs extra effort cleaning up.

For that, a broom, dustpan and mop are definitely needed.

  1. A Vacuum

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No matter what type of vacuum you chose to get, it’s important that you just get one. You’ll thank yourself for buying one when the broom won’t be able to pick little particles.

Not only can the floow be cleaned with it but mats and rugs too.

We hope you stock up your new home with these house cleaning tools and equipment or make room for them in your existing space. Happy cleaning!

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  2. I agree when you said that cleaning is easier when you have the right cleaning kit. The list of cleaning materials that you’ve mentioned is really useful in the cleaning process especially the scrub brush and spray bottle. In the event that I’m gonna organize a general cleaning in our house, I’ll have to get all of these cleaning materials.


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