Top 15 Car Theft Prevention Tips | Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

Car Theft Prevention Tips

Transport is a very critical part of our daily lives. The most convenient are personal cars. People use cars for traveling across the world or even for short tours like going to supermarkets.

Cars are in most cases cheaper than public transport, and one doesn’t have to stand in long lines in the ticketing booth.

That said, a large number of cars are stolen each year.

According to an FBI report, vehicle theft is about 3 to 4% nationally.

Despite the measures taken by different automobile companies to solve common car problems, this problem remains due to several reasons such as poverty, illiteracy, etc. and people are concerned about their car safety.

Discussed below are some of the main car theft prevention tips:

1. Careful and responsible behavior

First and foremost point is being careful and having a responsible attitude.

Whenever we leave the car make sure the engine is turned off, all lights are shut, all windows properly closed and the doors locked.

It would simply be very tempting for people who are looking for opportunities like these.

2. Never let your engine running

This is a very common mistake a lot of people do at ATMs, shops or gasoline stations.

They keep the engine running and get out of the car, and this is probably the best opportunity a car thief could use.

Be sure always to turn off your engine when getting out.

3. Park Smart

Whenever you’re looking for a place to park your car, be smart and park the car in lighted areas.

In this case, if any person would see the car thief, they could instantly call the police or inform you. Just a little effort could save you from losing your car.

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4. Invest in an anti-theft system

If you have a car spend some time reading on security measures and gadgets that one could use to keep their cars safe.

Investing a small amount of money, I believe is better than losing your car.

5. Steering wheel locks

Using steering wheel lock bars, they jam the steering wheel.

Interesting fact about them is that are made of very thick metal and isn’t easy to break.

6. Keep valuables out of sight

Never forget your stuff in the car or leave them in plain sight.

Most leave their mobile phones and wallets or even fancy watches on the car shelf, and later they’d be complaining.

7. Car Alarms

Almost all of the new cars have alarms in them and if you don’t have one go and get one installed.

These will start sounding whenever someone breaks a car window or enter a wrong key and will alert the people around and even the owner.

8. GPS Tracker

A little expensive measure would be to get a GPS in your car.

In this way, you can keep track of your car even in case someone ends up stealing it, and in case they do you’ll know where they are.

9. Use of ‘Kill Switch’

Kill switch is a kind of gadget or device which cuts of the supply of fuel to the engine whenever someone tries to start the car without a key.

If the car doesn’t start obviously, nobody can move in it.

10. Brake Lock

Use of brake lock is a very smart move. They are very cheap and easily available and also very simple to use.

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11. Secure the Keys

Even if one has all the gadgets and security measures the only way of bypassing all of them would be through keys.

So keep the keys secure and out of sight wherever you place them.

12. Be Vary

Always keep checking if your car is in its place if possible or even better if you have a camera installed.

In case it’s missing instantly call the police.

13. Replace Old Cars

Old car models don’t have efficient security mechanisms and are easy to open.

Car thieves also tend to steal a car in which they have to put less effort.

So it would be time to sell your old car and buy a new one.

14. Install Cameras

Another interesting measure would be to install cameras inside the car at hidden locations so even if someone were to take your car.

You could identify them immediately and coordinate with the police.

15. Park in secure locations

If you have your garage, it’s better to park your car inside or if there’s a secure parking site nearby where there’s a security guard or a safe security mechanism opt for that instead of just randomly parking your car in the open.


Even though instead of using these tips I believe it would have been better to focus on the root causes of this problem and pay heed to solve it through whatever means because, on the whole, it’s tiring to use all this safety equipment which are also very expensive.

But until then use these car theft prevention tips to keep your car safe.

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