17 Proven Ways To Brighten Your Home

A dim lit house can have subtle impacts on the well-being of an individual who lives there.

Humans are biologically geared and inclined towards residing in well-lit places so that they can be productive and be on the top of their game.

Darkness and badly-lit areas are generally associated with uncleanliness and an overall messy outlook.

Hence, to overcome the latter, there are a few general protocols one must follow. Not many people pay particular attention to this.

However, if you chose to implement it, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be seeing positive results sooner rather than later.

Without further ado, here are 17 ways you can brighten up your home:

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  1. Paint Your Whole House White

Paint it white
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The color white is known for reflecting the least amount of ‘dark light.’ With this feature, painting your walls white will naturally light up the place.

The only investment required is decent paint that you can get at the local supermarket. You can choose to paint yourself or hire a professional!

  1. Get rid of the curtains!

There is a very high probability that the curtains are mostly open and block most of the incoming light. If so, curb your curtains whenever you get the chance.

This will allow more influx of natural lighting. If you want to make a radical change, consider throwing out the curtains.

  1. Clean your windows thoroughly

Clean your windows thoroughly
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Most light might be blocked due to the bacterial or dust buildup on the windows. Clean your windows thoroughly with the proper equipment so that you can reap the benefits of it.

A clean window will also reflect nicely on the interior of your house.

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  1. Install shiny objects

Shiny objects, such as mirror and metals, reflect light.

Reflecting light, regardless if it is natural or from a bulb, will generally lighten the tone of the surrounding area.

Shiny objects also look classy and beautiful if they are adorned and looked after regularly.

This means that you’ll have to attend to them regularly.

  1. Adjust cabinets accordingly

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Cabinets don’t typically reflect light. For this reason, it’s better to place them in a spot where there is no direct lighting.

Furthermore, if you have extra cabinets that you don’t use frequently, it’s best to get rid of them.

  1. Move your bookshelf

Like a cabinet, bookshelves also absorb lighting rather than reflect them. Hence, it’s best to place them in a spot where they do not interfere directly with the flow of lighting.

Additionally, make sure that the material is made of light colored wood.

  1. Add a little greenery

Plants will beautify and liven up whatever place they’re put in. The benefits of this are countless which is why you should set them up in various places in your house.

If you’re not available for regular maintenance, you can get plastic alternatives as well.

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  1. Install new lighting

Install new lighting
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Adding quality lighting in your house would certainly make it brighter. If you’re looking for brightening up the place in a budget, you should install LED home lights.

They are simple to install, and you can do it yourself by reading the manual.

Make sure you have the safety equipment on before you try installing or replacing led lights in your house.

  1. Change the bulbs

As mentioned above, all sources of artificial lighting have a lifetime.

If you want to reinvent your house, you can start by changing the light bulbs.

Investing in good ones can also help you out in the long run.

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  1. De-clutter

Photo By: helensanderson.com

Cluttered mess lying here and there in your house will serve as a significant impediment in the collective process of brightening up your house.

Along with de-cluttering, you also have to ensure maintenance and make sure that you don’t let things lying around.

Always put them back where you got them from.

  1. Use a light-colored rug

The floor is a significant component of your internal housing. Usually, we tend to overlook this aspect if our goal is to brighten up the house.

However, this can go a long way.

Investing in a light colored rug would make the floor more appealing and easy on the eyes, which would align with your primary goal.

  1. Dark material for contrast only

Dark material for contrast only
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It’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to get rid of all the dark colored furniture and material in the house.

Hence, to make good use, ensure that you only use dark colored material for contrast purposes only.

By introducing contrast, you’ll be able to shed more emphasis on the lighter tone present in the house.

  1. Invest in scented candles

Scented candles are a simple and minimalistic way that you can use to light up and decorate your home.

Their circular design and fittings ensure that you can place them virtually anywhere.

However, it’s best to get those that are light colored rather than dark. The beautiful aroma is an additional benefit!

  1. Open up your shelves!

Open up your shelves
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There is nothing wrong with showing off what you have.

By opening up your shelves, you’ll have to make sure that it is organized and well continuously kept.

This translates to a better-organized shelf which won’t be responsible for absorbing too much of the room’s light.

  1. Befriend the negative space!

Negative space is tantamount if you want to bring out the lighter aspects of your furniture and beautifying accessories.

Furthermore, negative space also shifts emphasis to the objects that are already present.

If your design is minimalistic, this will sit nicely with the surroundings.

  1. Steer clear of dark wood

As classy as they may be, dark wood does not reflect light well.

If your ultimate goal is to have a brighter outlook, you might have to ditch the dark wood and invest in something lighter.

  1. Decorate smartly!

Decorate home smartly
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The way you decorate your house can either make or break the ambiance of your house.

The general rule of thumb is to be minimalistic and only invest in something if it is necessary.


Being a homeowner, you should use these above strategies to make your home pretty looking.

Some things might require some extra cash however, you can choose any tip that suits your requirements and makes your home much more cozy and homely.

If you are designing your new house, try inculcating these things into your home as well.

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