15 Best Trickle Chargers Reviews 2023 | For Cars & Motorcycle

After spending most of the week working and anxiously waiting for the weekend to party but only waking up and finding a battery that is not charged can be a huge mood spoiler.

Knowing that the perfect weekend you planned is just a few ampere-hours away can be pretty frustrating.

In this time of despair, all you need is the best trickle charger for your car.

Best Trickle Chargers Reviews

A trickle charger can keep the batteries of your car charged and ready to use.

The best trickle charger for your motorcycle can be your fairy Godmother when you want to go for bike racing immediately without any delay.

Buyers’ Guide

Before buying the battery charger that is perfectly suitable for your vehicle, you should know a few things as listed below:

Battery Type:

For a liquid battery, any charger can be used. In the case of having a gel battery, it is necessary to make sure that the charger includes curves IU, IUOU.

But if you have a deep-cycle battery, you need a special charger with a specific “Deep Cycle” program.

The Capacity of the Battery:

Each battery has its own capacity, marked in ampere-hours, all you need to do is to find a charger with a power greater than that.

Ease of Use:

Choose a charger that’s easy to use and doesn’t overcomplicate itself.


Battery chargers come in various different designs. Buy the one that is suitable for your needs regarding how you want to use it or the space available in your vehicle.


One of the many portable car batteries chargers you choose must-have safety features that can help prevent damage to the battery, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity, overload and overheating.

The Durability of The Product:

To help ensure the long-term strength and functionality of your charger, it is good to select one that includes a cooling fan to prevent overheating of the charger and excessive use while it is in action.

Top 15 Trickle Chargers Reviews

Now that you know your preferences regarding a battery charger, here is a handpicked list of 15 best trickle chargers for your car and other vehicles you will find very useful.

1. DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Amp Battery Charger

This High frequency, fully automated, thirty continuous amp battery charger supplies continuous 30-amp output to your battery until its full.

It doesn’t harm your battery by over-charging instead it shuts off after the battery is fully charged and will start your engine in just 60 seconds due to its powerful 80 Ampere engine start.

This wonderful charger can charge two batteries at once, so you don’t need to wait for one battery to charge fully to get your other battery charged.

If you live in a country with harsh weather or happen to use them in winters, Dewalt has good news for you, with their charger you don’t need to worry about clamps getting cracked because of protective powder coating.

Unlike many other battery chargers, it increases the battery lifetime by battery recondition function.

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  • Battery voltage check
  • Patented alternator check function
  • Dual charging function
  • lightweight


  • Compromised quality control procedures
  • Unreliable

2. NOCO genius G4 4-bank trickle charger for motorcycles and cars

This advanced trickle charger by NOCO genius might be the best thing happened to battery charger industries.

It not only charges a battery but it also maintains and extends the life of your battery during those times when you’re not using your vehicle.

If you have more than one car, be it a motorcycle, lawnmower or a truck then instead of buying separate chargers for them, all you need to do is buy NOCO genius 4-bank advanced trickle charger which can charge four devices simultaneously.

It can work on small batteries as well. This unique trickle charger has a wide range of compatibility: you can charge all types of 6- or 12-volts lead-acid-batteries including GEL, wet or AGM.

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  • Spark protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Intuitive visual diagnostic mood


  • Lengthy warranty process
  • Does not work on a fully discharged battery

3. Battery Tender 022-0157-1 Waterproof 12 Volt

This portable, vibration resistant, lightweight power tender, and battery charger is just the right companion for your battery.

This marvelous gadget is geared with reverse polarization protection that doesn’t allow the charger to operate unless it is connected correctly.

This fully automatic, high-efficiency battery charger is perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries.

It is ISM adaptive and smart microcontroller to make sure that the battery is fully and completely charged at all times.

The unique feature that distinguishes it from others is its automaticity.

After connecting, all you need to do is sit back and relax because this beautiful masterpiece will take total care of your battery on its own.

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  • Spark proof
  • Steel Casing


  • Noise production
  • Reliability issues
  • The cord is not water resistant

4. Ampeak Smart Battery Charger

This marvelous piece of technology is equipped with large solid-state capacitors which ensure its longevity and stability.

Its elaborate 6 steps is charging procedure to prevent your battery from hazards of over-heating and overcharging.

With 21 years of experience, Ampeak has been able to manufacture an automatic battery charger whose automaticity is ensured by three microprocessor-controlled intelligent chips.

Smart MCU controlled program enables quicker charging without the danger of overheating or overcharging.

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  • Start aid button
  • Advanced safety protection


  • Doesn’t charge a frozen battery.
  • No reconditioning of the battery
  • Doesn’t work on a fully drained battery

5. Black+Decker Bench Battery Charger

Black and Decker have designed this 15-amp battery charger which is truly like a dream come true.

With this amazing charger, you don’t need to have any additional device to revive your dead batteries; it can do that on its own.

The digital LCD screen makes the charging of the battery convenient because of its user-friendliness.

What makes it different from other trickle chargers?

Well, its 40% faster-charging capability and 40-amp engine start which starts your engine in just 90 seconds. It is Suitable for any 12 volts wet, gel or AGM device.

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  • Fully Automatic charging
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Small size


  • Does not diagnose possible faults
  • Only charge acid batteries

6. Battery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH

This spark proof, ISM adaptive charger is equipped with two separate charging circuits providing 12 volts each to fulfill your need to charge more than one battery at once.

It not only fully charges a battery but maintains its charging too without causing any damage to your battery. 12 volts at 1.25 amperes charging system is perfect for shop toys.

One of the salient features of this charger is its temperature compensation for optimal charge voltage at varying temperature.

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  • Suitable for AGM and lead-acid batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Not suitable for gel batteries
  • Short output wire

7. Schumacher DOE Battery Charger

These 6 or 12 volts, microprocessor-controlled battery charger first charge your battery swiftly with 15 Amperes and then maintains it by 3 amperes thus always keeping your battery ready to use without any delay.

No matter what type of battery your vehicle has (AGM, gel or deep cycle), Schumacher DOE Battery Charger can charge it up swiftly and easily.

The LED indicators and buttons make it very easy to use. This versatile, fast and efficient charger is equipped with a fan as to increase its durability.

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  • Built-in voltage tester
  • Desulfation mode
  • Retractable handle


  • Not compatible with the WM-12 or EC-25 quick connect cables

8. Schumacher Automatic Wheel Battery Charger

This energy efficient, heavy-duty transformer works in three settings, it not only charges and maintains your battery but also starts the engine.

First it takes 6 to 2 amperes to charge/maintain your battery than 35 amperes to boost, and finally, 200 amperes to start the engine.

Its LED indicators make sure the optimal battery charge with full automaticity.

This 12 volts, fully automatic microprocessor controlled heavy duty transformer comes with heavy-duty clamps for optimal performance.

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  • Float mode monitoring
  • Temperature overload protection


  • Slow Charging
  • Quality is compromised, i.e. made of a thin metal gauge.

9. Battery Tender Junior 12volt Motorcycle Trickle Charger

Battery Tender Jr. is an automatic smart battery charger and battery maintenance device.

As it charges at a rate of only 0.75 amps per hour, it is best used as a trickle charger. This means that the battery charges slowly for a long period.

Fortunately, the operation of a Jr. battery tender is quite easy, even for those who are not accustomed to the use of battery chargers.

This marvelous gadget is geared with reverse polarization protection that doesn’t allow the charger to operate unless it is connected correctly.

It is lightweight, fully automatic and sparks proof. It is best for vehicles that are not used often. So, it keeps them charged.

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  • Automatically switches to float mode after fully charging
  • Suitable for all 12v AGM, gel and lead-acid flooded batteries


  • It is not intended to work fast
  • Less wear resistance

10. The Battery Tender Plus

Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25-amp battery charger. It fully charges a battery and keeps it at the proper storage voltage without damaging it by overheating or overcharging, A 6 feet connect cord is included for hard-to-reach areas.

Temperature-compensated to guarantee an optimum charging voltage according to the ambient temperature.

Like any other battery tender product, this marvelous gadget is geared with reverse polarization protection.

If you’re looking for a swift, powerful charging then batter tender plus is the suitable option for you, it charges 50% faster than the previous one.

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  • Alligator clips
  • Battery tender ring terminals
  • High wear resistance


  • Longevity issues

11. Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger is Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell), also Complete 4-step charging program (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode).

It has a small size and suitable for most vehicles: adapts to all kinds of 12V battery for automobiles.

Batteries using either the ring or alligator connectors. It automatically switches to float maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery.

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  • Spark proof
  • Led indication


  • No longevity

12. NOCO Genius G7200 Ultra Smart Charger

NOCO Genius G7200 is equipped with eight chargers in one. Charges lead-acid batteries and lithium ions up to 230 amp-hours.

It is designed to maintain security at all times, has functions against the inverted connection, avoiding short circuits and the sparks generated by some models that can generate fire.

It is a very versatile charger, used in a variety of vehicles such as cars, caravans, garden equipment, deep cycle batteries, boats, etc.

It has a built-in battery diluter to rejuvenate the low-performance batteries and thus increase its life.

Thanks to its rubber base it is highly resistant to water, shock, dirt, and dust.

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  • Good design
  • Monitoring of battery activity
  • Protective technology included


  • You cannot charge batteries that are fully discharged
  • For some users, the power cord is a bit short

13. Traxxas 2970 Fast Charger

Other chargers require you to remember formulas and battery-specific data to avoid costly battery damage.

With the Traxxas iD system, all you do is plug in your id-equipped battery and press the start button. The charger automatically detects which battery you are using and performs all necessary calculations instantly.

The Traxxas 2970 charger features three charge modes for your LiPo batteries. Choose Storage Mode to protect your LiPo battery investment by properly setting up your batteries for extended storage periods.

Choose Balance Mode to balance your LiPo batteries’ cells or Fast Mode when the time is limited.

The easy-to-use progress bar keeps you informed on your battery’s charging status.

Just plug in your ID-equipped battery and press the start button. When the charge status light turns green, you’re done.

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  • Efficient
  • Easy to use


  • Very Loud

14. CTEK Fully Automatic 8 Step Battery Charger

CTEK can be considered as one of the best options available in the market.

It is a very complete charger which is designed with automatic temperature compensation for the best charging performance of your battery, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, it includes a battery diagnosis to establish if your battery can receive and retain a charge, it also has a patented automatic desulphation program and a special reconditioning stage that revitalizes and restores very discharged batteries.

It uses CTEK’s patented buoyancy/boost system, which is the most efficient maintenance mode when a battery is connected for long periods of time.

The entire process of checking, charging and maintaining the battery can easily be followed through a clear LED indicator.

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  • 12 V charger and 8 charging stages
  • Integrated temperature compensation.
  • Perfect for both motorcycles and cars


  • High cost
  • Short power cord

15. LST Trickle Battery Charger

LST Trickle Battery Charger Automatic Maintainer has a unique Design. It is ultra-compact, lightweight and easy to use.

This device is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled switch mode for 6V and 12V selectable output.

The LST Trickle Battery Charger is built to last, with a fully sealed outer case, protecting it from all debris, to prevent corrosion or other damaging effects of weather exposure.

Once connected, the trickle charger takes care of your battery’s health on its own.

It also can be used with a bigger capacity battery. The charging time will take a little more time; however, it won’t do damage to your battery.

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  • water and dust resistant
  • Protective technology included.


  • No longevity

Frequently Asked Questions

How to attach a trickle charger to a car battery?

Connecting a trickle charger is a really easy job, you just have to make sure to connect the positive wire with the positive terminal of the battery and negative with a ground location.

How to know what is positive what is negative? The red alligator clip is positive while negative is black.

Can trickle chargers damage battery?

Trickle chargers act as a continuous source of energy for the battery; this continuation can be damaging for the longevity of the battery because it can easily overcharge it.

This overcharging couples with slow sulphation can be very malicious for the battery.

Can you overcharge a battery with a trickle charger?

Yes, you have to be very vigilant while using a trickle charger as they can easily over-charge your battery.

But recent trickle chargers come with microprocessor controlled smart chips which automatically turn the device off upon full charging to prevent its impairment.

How long does it take to charge a car with a trickle charger?

Trickle chargers work on the principle of slow continuous charging, so they take a lot of time to charge a battery, usually 24 hours.

So they are used for vehicles that aren’t in constant use.

But most of the devices mentioned above are boost chargers as well as maintainers.

Should I disconnect the battery before charging?

One of the biggest myths in the charging world is that you need to disconnect a battery before charging otherwise alternator will be damaged while in fact, that might not be the case.

You only need to disconnect if you are boost charging otherwise there’s no need.

How long does a trickle charger take to charge a motorcycle battery?

A trickle charger is intended for slow charging so it is no surprise that it can take up to 6 to 12 hours for charging a motorcycle battery depending upon its capacity and voltage.

So they are used for vehicles that aren’t in constant use.

Can a car battery explode if overcharged?

Yes, there is a danger of exploding in case of the over-charging of a battery. That’s why most of the chargers today are made automatic to prevent this mishap.

Overcharging causes hydrogen and oxygen gas to bubble up in the sealed battery which eventually leads to detonation.

How long does it take to trickle charge a dead battery?

A trickle charge works on a principle of slow charging with only 2amp output, so it takes a long time to charge.

It usually takes from half a day to a full day to charge a dead battery.

It is not a negative point of trickle chargers because they are initially intended to use this way.

What happens if you leave a car battery charger on too long?

It depends upon the charger type you are using, if the charger is equipped with an automatic control system then you can leave it connected without any fear otherwise it can overcharge and destroy the battery.

Sometimes, even an explosion can happen if the battery is sealed.

What is the difference between a battery tender and trickle charger?

A battery tender is an advanced form of trickle charging, while a trickle charger continuously charges the battery even when it is full causing it to over-charge and eventually damaged, a battery tender has a preset limit after which it stops charging thus saving the battery.

What voltage is required to trickle charge a lead acid battery?

2.25 to 2.3 volts is optimal for a lead-acid battery to be charged. These batteries charge slowly than other types of batteries, e.g. gel or AGM.

Can lithium ion batteries be trickle charged?

No, it is contraindicated to charge a lithium-ion battery via a trickle charger because of its chemistry. It can easily explode in case of slight over-charging.

What is boost charging?

A boost charger is for when the battery has completely drained and needs quick recharging. It is done at high voltage.

On the contrary Float, charging is usually done for a long period of time, and its purpose is to keep a battery from draining.

Float charging is done at low voltages to prevent overcharging the battery.

Does trickle charging reduce battery life?

Trickle chargers act as a continuous source of energy for the battery. This continuation can be damaging for the longevity of the battery because it can easily overcharge it.

This overcharging couples with slow sulphation can be very malicious for the battery.

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Final Verdict

Why endure the inconvenience of flat batteries? Why wait to get help from your car association or for a friend to start your car?

Get ready and have a battery charger for your home when you need it.

Before buying a battery charger for the home car, you should check that it has the proper voltage and is designed to work with the battery system in your vehicle.

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