9 Sleeping Positions That Significantly Improve Your Health and Life

We always read and listen that adequate sleep is vital for healthy life. However, have you ever heard that sleeping position does count a lot to lead a healthy life?

Let me tell you today that sleeping posture is of extreme importance.

How can sleep determines your health. Read below to know about 9 best sleeping positions that can instantly improve your health and life.

1. Appropriate Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem among men and women. If you are the one suffering from lower back pain then the best sleeping position for you is to lay straight on your back.

You can further relief your backache by placing a towel at the base of your back and a pillow under your knees. The support of towel and pillow will help in reveling pressure on your lower back.

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2. For Shoulder Pain

You should not put pressure on the shoulder’s side which hurts. If it is the right side which hurts, don’t add pressure by lying on it. Make sure to bend your legs and knees slightly.

Place a pillow between your legs on the knee area. You should also place a pillow on your chest so that it hangs on to with your arms. In case your both shoulder cause pain, you should lie on your back placing your arms by your sides.

3. For Sinus

Sinus problem or congestion from cold can really be affected by your sleeping position. Sinus infection/allergy gets severe if you sleep with your head down. So, your head and shoulders must be in high position.

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4. For Headache

You may not know that sleeping position can cause headache. If you are sleeping in a position which is causing contraction in muscles and nerves, then you may suffer from headache.

Twisted neck while sleeping also can be a cause of headache. To get relief from the pain, you should place pillow or rolled-up small towels on both sides of your head.

5. For Menstrual Pain

These are really hard days for all the girls out there. Many girls bear so much pain during first two days of menstruation. Cramps and bloats do not allow girls to sleep well. Your sleeping position can actually help you to feel better.

The best sleeping position in this case is to lie straight by placing a pillow under your knees.This posture helps to take the pressure fly off your belly and back.

I am sure all girls know the trick of placing hot water bottle or electric heating sheet on the abdomen area to ease the cramps and have a sound sleep.

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6. For High Blood Pressure

Very few know that there is a direct relation between sleep and high blood pressure. Lack of sleep triggers the problem of high blood pressure.

The sleeping posture can affect blood pressure. You should never ever sleep constantly on your back if you suffer from hypertension.

The best position is to sleep on your stomach so that your face is downwards. But continuously sleeping on your stomach can cause joint, back and neck pain so you should switch to sleep on alternate positions after few days.

Sleeping on right side for high blood pressure is best because it lowers down pressure on the heart and ultimately lowers blood pressure.

7. For Neck Pain

The suitable sleeping position for neck pain is to lie straight. You should provide support to your neck by placing a small rolled-up towel under the neck. In whatever position you sleep, your neck should be on ease.

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8. For Digestion

Sleeping on left side is the best position for people who face digestion problem. You can also place a pillow between your legs while sleeping on left side for better digestion process.

Do not go to bed right after taking meal so that you don’t face indigestion.

9. For Heartburn

To let the pressure go off the esophagus and stomach in case of heartburn or indigestion, the best sleeping position is to lie on your left side.

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