The 8 Best Portable Bassinets | For Baby’s Best Possible Sleep

best portable bassinets

Many parents use a crib for their newborns but a portable bassinet is a great alternative as well. The name might not seem familiar to many but it has many extraordinary features that make it better than a crib.

Having a bassinet means that you can move your baby around the home and make them sleep near you all the time. A bassinet is lightweight and can be moved around. So nursing your baby becomes really very easy when you have a bassinet.

I remember when I bought the portable bassinet for my baby. Our life got a serious change and we did not have to go across the room to watch the baby.

We would just simply pull the bassinet close to our bed before sleeping and look after it easily whenever the baby would make a sound. 

Bassinet VS Crib

Thinking and deciding what to buy for your baby’s nursery can be tough and overwhelming. One of the biggest and most important decisions you will be making is deciding on the furniture for your baby’s sleep.

Newborns sleep a lot so you need to buy something that does not become a hindrance in their sleep.

In addition to sleep, safety is another major factor to be considered when deciding on the furniture you buy. Keeping our baby safe when the sleep is very important because we can’t keep an eye on them all the time.

Both bassinet and crib can be safe spaces to sleep for a newborn but they differ in several important differences.

The most prominent difference is the size. A bassinet takes lesser space than a crib. The smaller size of the bassinet makes it portable and easy to move around the house or pull it closer to your bed at night.

Bassinets have lower side rails making them be easy to use. Cribs have higher rails and they are heavier as well so you can’t move it around the room.

Cribs are mainly to be used for a longer time span. Some cribs can also be converted into toddler beds and can last for years.

Bassinets have weight limits and can only be used for the first few months of our baby’s life. Bassinets are however less expensive than cribs but do not last long. 

Do You Need A Bassinet?

Bassinets are smaller than cribs and designed for young babies. They do not take much of space in your room so they can be a lot useful to you.

Buying the portable bassinet for babies can be a difficult thing to do. If you are a new mom still recovering from the delivery, you really need to have the best portable bassinet to help you when you have limited mobility.

Bassinets come with adjustable height features as well so you can keep the height of the bassinet equal to the height of your bed. This way you can easily keep an eye on the baby when sleeping. 

How To Choose The Best Portable Bassinet For Babies?

Babies grow day by day and grow fast. They will grow out of their bassinets in a few couples of months.

Every bassinet comes with a different recommendation that tells you the age and weight limit of the particular bassinet after which you might have to move your baby to a cot or crib.

Keep in mind bassinets must not be used when your baby starts to roll over and pull themselves over the sides.

So to simplify this, your baby can only sleep in a bassinet until the age of 4 to 6 months. There are certain important things you must know before buying the portable bassinet.

  • Safety Standards

The federal bassinet safety standards came in to effect in April 2014. These standards ensure the stability and durability of a bassinet.

All bassinets that are manufactured after this date must meet the U.S standards and requirements. So always look for the label that mentions details about the standards.

  • Age and Weight

Majority of bassinets come with a weight limit of 15 to 20 pounds. Some would have the capacity to hold a heavier baby but keep in mind that weight is not the only way a baby outgrows the bassinet.

Always check the instructions for the weight and other advice that tells you when to stop using this bassinet. Some bassinets may come with an age range or a maximum age limit.

  • Portability

Since we are discussing the portable bassinets, this is another important factor you need to consider when buying a bassinet for your baby.

The benefit of buying the portable bassinet is its small size which makes it very convenient. Check if the bassinet you are opting to buy has wheels or not because a set of sturdy wheels makes it a lot easier to move around and increase portability.

  • Mattress

It is very essential that the mattress is well supported. The supports should be strong enough to hold the baby without flexing or bending in any case.

The mattress must be intact with the supports and must not be loose. There must be no hammock effect because it is not good for your baby’s sleep.

Top 8 Portable Bassinet Reviews

Now that you know why to buy a bassinet and how to buy it, let’s move forward and check out the different bassinets available in the market.

Our research team has shortlisted the best portable bassinets for your babies and reviewed them honestly for you to pick and choose from.

It all depends on you and your baby’s requirements. But buying the portable bassinet for your baby will make a lot of difference to your life, home and sleep.

1. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

The Delta Children Portable Bassinet is known for its beautiful design, smooth profile and elegant fabric. The bassinet is light in weight and you can move it around anywhere easily.

The mattress has a well-fitted sheet and makes a comfortable place for your baby to sleep for long hours.

The bassinet comes with an adjustable canopy that also features a soothing night light and soft sounds that help in making your baby fall asleep.

The Delta Bassinet meets all standards. The bassinet is highly portable as it has a set of wheels attached to it.


  • Lightweight.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Lights and sounds.
  • Storage area.


  • Can hold up to only 15 pounds.

2. HALO Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

The only bassinet in the market that can turn 360 degrees allowing you to keep an eye on your baby from any angle.

The Halo Bassinet is one of the most convenient bassinets designed especially for babies that need much more attention than normal.

The mesh surrounding provides proper circulation of air flow. The side walls can be lowered as well so that it is easy to take care of the baby.

The base is very stable and also the height of the bassinet can be adjusted easily. You can adjust the height to the level of your bed at night.


  • 360 degrees’ turn.
  • Lightweight.
  • Takes lesser space.
  • Adjustable height.


  • Does not have wheels.
  • No storage space. 

3. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Graco Dream is multipurpose bassinet that not only provides space for sleep but also is turned over into a changer. So this is basically a bassinet cum changer.

Graco Dream Suite is the best portable bassinet that has a set of wheels on it making it easy to move around.

The bassinet has the storage space below that can be used to keep baby essentials required while changing the baby’s diaper.

The design is made for proper air flow, the canopy provides enough shade that will help the baby sleep and the soft toys are for your baby to enjoy in the Bassinet.


  • Multipurpose.
  • Comes with a changer.
  • Large storage space.


  • Setting up may become difficult. 

4. Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Bassinet

The Deluxe Gliding Bassinet is another masterpiece by Delta Children. The design is perfect for your baby and compliments every home as well.

The cute spinning mobile on the top keeps your baby entertained and calm. The canopy has a night light and also soft sounds that help your baby sleep at night peacefully.

The bassinet as a solid structure and wheels to help in moving around. The large storage space allows you to keep baby essentials as well.

The canopy can either be removed or placed back on the bassinet as per your requirements.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Highly functional.


  • A bit big in size.
  • White fabric is not easy to clean.

5. Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet

The Evenflo Loft is the best portable bassinet for a minimalist baby. The design is very modern and simple. The bassinet is light in weight and easy to move around.

The mesh surrounded walls provide proper airflow and circulation for your baby.

The walls are high enough so that your baby does not roll over. The bassinet features a Bluetooth device that can be used to play songs for your baby.


  • Built-in electronics.
  • Nightlight.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to set up.


  • No storage.
  • No canopy.

6. Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle

The Green Frog is a very lightweight bassinet that is extremely portable. That is why it has made our list of the best portable bassinets and will also impress you with the great functionality.

The custom designed wheels make it far more easy to move around the house than any other bassinet.

The side walls are high enough to keep your baby safe and also the side walls are made of mesh that keeps the airflow proper.

The bassinet includes a premium quality mattress that provides proper comfort to your baby. It is very easy to set up and you can rock your baby to sleep with this bassinet.


  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • Machine washable fabric.
  • Unique design.


  • It’s more of a cradle, stays in motion most of the time.
  • Expensive.

7. Big Oshi Newborn Indoor & Outdoor Travel Bassinet

The Big Oshi offers a travel bassinet for your baby. This bassinet is good for both indoors and outdoors. The bassinet includes a removable canopy and an elastic free mosquito net with great air flow.

The bassinet is extremely comfortable for your baby’s sleep and lets you keep an eye on the baby from anywhere in your home. The bassinet can be folded and packed for traveling purposes as well.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Travel Bassinet.
  • Dual side canopy.


  • No light or sound.
  • Does not rock back and forth.

8. Summer Infant Bassinet with Motion

The Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet is perfect for those who love to add some elegance and beauty to their baby’s nursery rooms.

The bassinet has a set of wheels that make it portable and easy to move around the home.

The canopy includes night light and soothing music to help the baby sleep peacefully at night. The bassinet also comes with an extra-large basket for storage. This is one complete bassinet but its bulky.


  • Elegant design.
  • Adjustable canopy.
  • Music and lights.


  • Very thin Mattress.
  • Bulky.

Final Verdict

The main difference between a bassinet and a crib is the size, the crib is large and meant for a longer time, and the bassinet is small in size and only for newborns. There are many important differences which might be clear to you now.

A bassinet’s only purpose is to provide an easy, comfortable and peaceful sleeping space for your newborn babies. The lightweight and small size make these the portable bassinets and allow you to move them around the house easily.

We hope that our buyer’s guide will help you in buying decision. We have made it a lot easy for you to choose and buy the best portable bassinet for your baby according to you and your baby’s requirements.

The 8 Best Portable Bassinets | For Baby’s Best Possible Sleep
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