10 Best ATV Grips Reviews 2020 | Firm & Comfortable Balance

best atv grips

All the fun and excitement of riding an ATV will be completely dented and destroyed if you don’t have a comfortable and amazing handlebar installed.

Moreover, the best ATV grips on these handlebars will result in increased comfort and balance while riding the atv.

Most importantly, these grips can be of significant importance when you are riding your vehicle for a longer journey.

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Types of ATV Grips

Having a firm control over your handlebars is significant for your safety and security as well as for an enjoyable journey.

Your riding experience will depend on the type of bringing you are using on your handlebar. Mainly there are two different types of ATV Grips.

  1. Heated ATV Grips
  2. Non-Heated ATV Grips

Heated ATV Grips

Heated ATV Grips are exceptionally amazing that can be warmed electrically. This is done with the help of heating pads that are incorporated within the design of these grips.

These grips utilize the energy from the ATV to keep the hands of the rider warm, during cold and harsh weather.

These grips are specifically designed for the people living in cold and isolated areas. They are mainly used in the areas where the climate is relatively cold, and ATVs are a common mode of transportation.

The temperature is kept at a moderate level by the use of a selector switch. Some ATV’s have only three modes, i.e. off, low and high.

On the contrary, best heated atv grips have five to six different heat levels to choose from.

Non-Heated ATV Grips

Non-Heated ATV Grips are the most widely recognized items. These grips are made out of elastic. These grips are very easy to install on the handlebars.

They can simply be slipped on the handlebars so that they are firmly and tightly in place. Usually, a lubricant or adhesive is used to install these grips.

These grips are the least expensive, easily available and are the most fundamental types of grips. Sometimes different pads can be used to reduce the impact of these grips on the palm.

Another Non Heated ATV grip model is rubber lock on. A couple of screws are used to deploy these grips. The screws make sure that the grip is firmly, securely and tightly in place.

The Non Heated grips can be used for short distances or daily routines, where the riding is not for a long time period.

Things To Consider 

While buying best ATV handlebar grips, some important points should be kept in mind which are discussed below.


The fundamental aspect behind the purchase of an atv grip is to give security while riding and the grip should stay in place during the course of time.

Mostly, grips are manufactured and designed using a slip-resistant material or adhesive. This is done so that the rider’s hands don’t slip while riding on jumps or curves.


The most common and widely used atv grips are also reliable. With no electrical pieces, there is essentially nothing that can be broken.

The normal wear and tear will, in any case, make them useless after a certain period of time. This will be the time when you should replace your atv handlebar grips.


Usually Heated atv grips are protected against water and dampness, however, the wires and selector can malfunction due to inappropriate utilization.

On the other hand, the grips are made of a hard and resilient material which is relatively easy to maintain and take care of.


Pricing should be of utmost priority while purchasing an atv grip. You wouldn’t want to purchase a heated atv grip, where the temperature is warm, or your journeys are not long.

Choose a grip based on your riding needs and plan the budget accordingly. 

Top 10 ATV Grips Review

The list of these 10 best atv grips is formalized by our experts. This list is a result of thorough review and research.

They are available in the market in accordance to your riding requirements.

1. Heat Demon 215047 Heated Grip Kit

Heat Demon’s 215047 dual zone atv clamp on heated grip kit is extraordinary compared to other grips for ATV. The grip easily fits all ATV models and types where a 7/8 inches handlebar is deployed.

The two grips are warmed, and the kit incorporates one thumb warmer. This grip is useful in keeping your hands warm during harsh and cold weathers.

This grip kit contains all the wiring required, the ATV heated grips as well as the thumb warmer. The instructions are provided in the package to easily install these heated grips.

There are different heat levels for the grips as well as the thumb warmer. The kit is easy to operate during the night time also because of the LED illumination.

Moreover, the battery life is saved by the auto shutdown feature.

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  • Auto shutdown for battery saving
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

2. Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip

This cheap yet amazing ATV hot grip kit offers the value for your money. These grips neither compromise on quality nor the design. These grips are fairly easy to deploy.

The installation tools, as well as the installation instructions, are provided within the package. A handlebar mounted selector switch is utilized to change the temperature levels.

The strategic position of this selector switch allows the rider to adjust the temperature levels without stopping or any lapse of concentration.

Due to the availability of plugs that can be connected to the power plug of the vehicle, the use of wiring is minimal. No extra gadget or accessory is required for these grips.

The Kolpin Thermal Grip is amazing and comfortable, and the surface is slip resistant.

They are made out of rubber, guaranteeing that they are tough and solid in the harsh winter conditions in which the grips will be utilized.

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  • Easy to install and use
  • Slip Resistant
  • Even transfer of Heat


  • Expensive

3. Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip

The Symtec heated push on grips also come with a thumb warmer. There are five different heat settings to choose from.

It depends on the weather conditions and severity of the winter. The grips are fairly easy to install and setup. Different zones can easily be selected for the grips as well as the thumb.

The provision of mounting the temperature controller on the handlebar allows you to adjust the heat levels without stopping or taking your eyes off the road.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Comfortable
  • Efficient Thumb warmer
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive

4. NEW OEM PURE Polaris ATV Heated Grips

These heated atv grips are fairly easy to install and operate. The dash is all digital which is easy to read.

Moreover, the switches can easily be installed vertically, i.e. two switches on either side of the display. The high and low heat settings can be easily adjusted depending on the weather conditions outside.

There is no compromise on the quality of the material. These grips are definitely worth it.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Easy to Install
  • High Quality
  • Comfortable


  • Only two Heat settings, i.e. high and low

5. Western Power Sports Heated Grip

These heated grips are made of high-quality rubber. The rubber resists to low temperatures as well as cracks. The heat settings are easily adjustable.

The controls on these grips are sealed and relay protected. These grips can easily fit the ATVs that have thumb throttles.

The grips are very comfortable and thick which can easily absorb the shocks and vibrations. They are easier to hold on to, as compared to other grips, because of their round shape.

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  • Easy to Install
  • Convenient and Comfortable usage
  • Includes a Thumb Throttle


  • Expensive

6. Scott Sports 233926 ATV Grips

These grips are exceptionally inexpensive. These grips have a fundamental outline and design. They do not include any palm heating or thumb heating mechanism.

They are most suitable for day to plans and chores. The grips easily fit any vehicle with 7/8 inches handlebars. They can be easily used on dirt bikes as well as other motorcycles.

SCOTT Radial Grips are fairly easy to deploy and install. These grips don’t require any accessories or tools during the installation procedure.

They are sturdy and dependable, the materials utilized are of the most amazing quality, and the design is intended to give hand comfort while riding. These grips also provide safety against difficult roads or terrain.

They can be mounted with any lubricant or adhesive. If they are installed properly, they remain firmly intact.

Despite the fact that they don’t have a warming mechanism, the grips can be utilized as a part of winter conditions with gloves.

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  • Can be used on different vehicles
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Install


  • Slightly Rough, should be used with gloves

7. Oury ATVB Black ATV Grips

Some of the non-heated atv grips are so inexpensive that it feels like it’s too good to be true. Low costs can at times accompany low quality and no dependability, however, this isn’t the situation for this item.

The Oury black atv grips are intended for the riders who are not concerned about luxury, extra features or very high performances.

These grips can be mounted on ATV or dirt bikes that have 7/8 inches handlebars and, even at high speeds and on harsh territory, they offer a firm and steady grip.

The slip-resistant nature of these grips allows the rider to have a steady grip. These large grips are very comfortable because of the use of soft pads.

These pads make these grips to easily fit in the hands of the rider. To deploy these grips, utilize any lubricant, adhesive or glue.

After the deployment of these grips, give it a day or two so that it can easily take the shape of your handle and are firm.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Easy to Install
  • High Quality
  • Inexpensive


  • Can only be installed on 7/8 inches handlebars


Another essential item, the ODI Rogue lock-on grips are valued for their simple installation procedure, sturdiness and durability, and unwavering quality.

The looks and feel of these grips are really good. These grips can be easily deployed on ATVs, dirt bikes and other motorcycles.

The designing of this grip includes a downsized flange that offers enough security without compromising on control or accessibility.

The lock on feature of the grip offers a fast and simple installation that doesn’t require any lubricant or adhesive.

The cushions inside the grip offer comfort by utilizing a delicate rubber that is shock absorbent as well as vibrations absorbent.

Along with the mentioned capabilities, these cushions also provide a comfortable grip for the rider. These grips are durable and are designed to withstand the longer period of usage.

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  • Relatively easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect ATV grips for racers
  • Comfortable


  • Only comes in Black Color

9. Spider Grips A3-B Black Grips for ATV

This amazing and economical grip is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations. The patterns on this grip are flangeless.

This provides a better control of the vehicle and very less exertion on part of the rider. These grips are close-ended which is helpful in keeping out the mud and water.

The installation process for the grip is very easy. These grips can be easily deployed on ATVs, watercraft, and Snowmobiles.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Shock and vibrations resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Close Ended


  • Low on quality

10. Pro Taper Pillow Top ATV Handlebar Grips

These grips are equipped with Vibrasonix pillow which is essential to withstand any impact from shock or vibrations.

The material used for the manufacturing of these grips is rip resistant. They can be easily deployed on vehicles and ATVs with 7/8 inches bars and thumb throttle.

The material of the grip is surely helpful in reducing the blisters from the hands of the rider.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High-quality material
  • Impact and Shock absorbent
  • Rip Resistant


  • Can only be installed on 7/8 inches handlebars

Final Verdict

You can choose any of the above atv grips based on your requirements. Whether you want to use it on ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, watercraft or snowmobiles.

These best atv grips are highly flexible based on the usage and requirement of the rider.

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2019)

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