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Best Arc Welders

The twenty-first century has opened new corridors of technology that has assisted us in all phases of our life.

One of the emanations of this revolution is arc welding advanced equipment that has improved over the period of time.

Back in eighteenth-century people invented electric generator, gas, and cutting of metal sheets was developed.

In the late eighteen century metal electrodes were used for welding purposes for the first time followed by numerous inventions and discoveries of the 19th century.

In the twentieth century, many new methods of welding have introduced.

For example, for aluminum welding gas metal arc welding was discovered, Tungsten arc welding used inert gas, tungsten electrode and other material to produce high-quality items and oxyacetylene welding for welding pipes and tubes.

Types of Arc Welding

The various technologies available are Flux cored (FCAW), Gas (GMAW), Gas Tungsten (GTAW), Plasma (PAW), Shielded (SMAW) and Submerged (SAW).

Things To Consider While Selecting Arc Welders

There are many factors which should be kept in mind while procuring the welding machines.

The most significant is to know what two kinds of materials you want to fuse together. Knowing this will help you decide which method and machine to procure.

Other important factors include portability, mobility, price, quality, versatility, extra tools, accessories (helmets, gloves, generators, water coolers, consumables etc.) and power supply available at the workplace and whether it is compatible with the machine expected to use.

Best Arc Welders Reviews

Below given are the best arc welders with every machine consisting of particular functions and operations.

The review of the products mentioned below consists of the product descriptions, features and pros, and cons.

1. Goplus MIG 130 Automatic Feed Welding Machine

Smart and durable equipment coated with yellow paint to ensure the longevity of its life. Mechanics involve flux-cored wire which shields against oxidation of the part being welded.

The choice of selecting a current flow and speed of wire feeding to a required degree enable controlled usage of the equipment resulting in well-finished work.

The product design is friendly enough to perform all general welding works at home and anywhere you need. Portability is a vital feature of the product which helps in carrying, shifting and using at the desired place.

Features include two emission vents which keep the temperature low, torch with complete safety control, thermal safety control with mask and wires for welding.


  • Good for sheet welding.
  • Modifiable.
  • More suitable for small projects.
  • Portable.
  • Ease of use.


  • Not professionally feasible.
  • Wire gets hot.
  • Only for occasional use.
  • Current drops due to the direct pull of the transformer.

2. Lincoln Electric AC/DC Arc Welder

Red colored coated welder with versatility in its functions. Direct current and alternating current welding curves along with extensive ranges for ease of use.

The equipment is best for the works that involve arc welding and compatible with different types of metals like cast iron and steel (stainless).

The usability ranges from repair to construction to various applications. One can use it for metal works related to shop, home, farm and particularly for the places where best arc-welding is required.

The materials that can be easily welded are as follows: steel, iron and heavy metals of sixteen gauges. Its compact design and user-friendliness enable easy installation.

The output bracket involves alternating current 40-225 and direct current 30-125.


  • Good for home-related works.
  • Ease of use.
  • Other than steel and things mentioned above can weld aluminum.


  • Shorter cables.
  • Cannot be used professionally.

3. Forney Easy Arc Welder, 120-Volt, 90-Amp

As the name suggests “Easy weld” the purpose of buying this product gets defined. Very handy and compacted green color welder is capable of producing high results.

The weight of this item is 7.5 pounds and the power source is corded-electric. It has the ability to hold a very thin rod say 1/8 inch and holds inverter power system. The after sales service includes the by manufactures.


  • Best arc welder for beginners.
  • Handy.


  • Non-durable.
  • Short lifespan.

4. Lotos 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine

This is the complete package that one can get. It is providing three features in one product. The functions it is capable of doing are plasma cutting, TIG welding, and MMA stick welding.

This is an ultimate cutting tool which can cut (up to ½-inch) rough surfaces, painted surfaces and rusty metals with meager slag.

Lotos has the carrying handle and such a technology (hazard free compressed air) which can cut very subtle metals like copper and steel etc.

It has two different safety controls, torch control, and heat control.

The Supreme features it holds are the dual voltage which can run the machine directly on 220v or 110v 50/60 hertz power, pilot arc gives high performance in regards of cutting the metal without touching it and extends the life of the metal being treated and three features in one unit, TIG, Stick, and Plasma.

Lotos is configured to fulfill the needs of the professionals who want perfection in their work. The design of the product is so simple to understand that a layman with little knowledge of welders can easily operate it.


  • Ease of use.
  • Delivers as per promise.
  • Do it yourself (novice friendly).


  • Less penetration ability.
  • Doesn’t cut metal sheets as per the stated sizes.
  • Machine specific consumables.
  • Shorter leads.

5. Pitbull Ultra-Portable Electric Arc Welder

The compact red colored machine capable of welding very thin surfaces with the body of hundred percent metals.

The small size and weight of 28 pounds enable the use of machine convenient to move and use. It is best to do yard artworks and the penetration power of this welders exceeds the expectations.

This light welding machine works with hundred amperes. It is best arc welder for beginners to use but not for professionals as it has the limited capacity to cater to mass welding.

Its simplicity will help weld yourself and precise. The price it holds is very optimal and economical which makes this product acceptable by many people.


  • Best for light stick welding.
  • Portable.
  • Do it yourself (DIY).


  • Could not be used for more than 1/8 inches.
  • Limited capacity for greater works.

6. Century Inverter Arc Stick Welder

The best welder that can be used for various applications comes with shoulder strap, cables for work, electrode gripper and clamps.

The size of an item 16.05 pounds makes it convenient to use. The dimension of this item is 7.5×5.25×11.5 inches. The welding capacity of the century inverter is 1/8 inch thickness.

It has got one added feature referred to as electrified arc which can flow between metal and welding stick to make the bond stronger and reliable.

The features of the product include the output ranging from 10 to 90 amp supporting diameters of the steel electrode ranging from 1/16inches to 5/64 inches.

The problem which most of the welders have of overheating is no longer be a part of this century inverter, it can run 2 minutes of every 10 minutes without overheating due to twenty percent duty cycle at seventy amperes.

It provides consistent work due to a stable temperature. Get hold of it for smooth and seamless metal works.


  • Geographically mobile.
  • Convenient to carry due to shoulder straps.
  • Supports work up to 13 gauge.
  • Suitable for farm jobs.
  • Smooth arc welding.
  • Does not overheat.


  • Cannot be used for big rods.
  • Limited to little projects only.

Don't Forget the Safety Tips

People have been witnessing the hazards of welding metals but now it has become safer and more efficient.

There are few safety tips that one should always consider while doing metal works.

It is always imperative to go through the manual/guide that comes with the equipment by manufacturers to get to know the specifics of the machine to ensure usage to full potential.

The operating guide of one machine cannot be used as the substitute for the other equipment. Since this process involves emission of ultraviolet rays so exposed body parts can result in burning.

Avoid wearing dresses with pockets, cuffs and openings also do not keep a butane lighter while welding. Markets are now full of tightly woven and flame-resistant fabrics which could provide proper protection and safety also use pliers to hold welded materials rather than gloves.

Boots made from a material other than leather are not recommended. The area where welding is taking place is full of toxic smoke and fumes contaminating breathable air which results in malfunctioning of lungs so make sure to have exhaust ducts and hoods for the successful release of the pollution.

The arc flashes from the welding results into blindness when seen through the naked eye. Proper helmet or glasses covering eyes from all side and ears should be worn also a proper lens needs to be picked up appropriate for the welding application.

Occupational and health administration provides a guide for the type of lenses appropriate for the specific welding applications, take help from it to get the best for you.

Auto-darkening helmets are being used which can automatically darken the lens in 1/2000 to 1/3 600 of a second and for industrial use 1/10 000 to 1/20 000 of a second (reaction time).

These helmets are less stressful for necks than traditional ones and are proved more productive.

To make the workplace safe for the employee’s boom-mounted wire feeders is the best choice. It can make the work flexible, efficient and operational for mass production areas.

Boom-mounted wire feeder can create 24 to 32 ft. work area by rotating three sixty degrees and sixty degrees vertically.

A very useful safety approach is stick and carrot approach which refers to an activity of incentivizing employees who are always vigilant and careful about safety compliance.

This way it will no longer be just a safety program but a habit of employees.

Final Verdict

All the products mentioned above have several functions and operations meeting specific needs.

Make sure you buy the ones which fit your needs and requirements. The key factor in choosing the equipment is what two metals you want to fuse together using that machine.

Other factors involve portability of the machine, extra tools, ease of use, accessories and most important is power supply available at the point where the machine has to be installed and whether that is compatible with it.

Every equipment has its positives and negatives, procure the ones which are more productive and works at full potential.

We hope that you enjoyed going through the best arc welders reviews and will most certainly make a decision as well.

The 6 Best Arc Welders 2018 | Complete Binding Solutions
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