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Best Air Hose Reels

If you work in an industrial plant or at a construction site, you will know the importance of an air hose. Air hose is an essential equipment which is used domestically an industrially as well.

There is always need to keep the hose safe and secure. You cannot leave it in open as it might get damaged.

Air hose reels were invented to minimize these issues. They are mostly spherical or cylindrical containers.

Mostly made of plastic, metal or fiberglass, they store the hose. Air hose reels are available in a variety of types including the retractable, motor-driven and the hand crank ones.

Best air hose reels are numerous. You can choose the ones you like according to your need and use.

The largely sized air hose reels are mostly made from steel and are used on the commercial scale as well. They do not get abrasions while you are using it. The main reason is the sturdiness of the material used in the making.

The medium sized air hose reels are mostly retractable, easily mounted on the walls, are sturdy and durable as well.

Adjustable rubber stop allows the users to use the air hose reels with safety. They are mounted on the walls mostly for easy access and usage.

The adjustable hand operated air hose reels are also present in the armlet. Although not so popular, they are surely an excellent choice for domestic use.

You can find air hose reels for sale on the hardware stores easily. Air compressor hose reels are made by many renowned companies including Goodyear, Harbors Freight Tools, Coxreels, Central Pneumatic and Legacy manufacturing.

You can use the manual ones or the retractable ones from these firms as they ensure best quality and features at the excellent prices.

Air Hose Reels In The Market

You have a full range of options when you look to buy an air hose reel. The material of the reel could be metal, PVC or plastic.

You can choose the one which is durable and efficient. The price of the air hose reels made in the USA depends upon the use of the material in the manufacturing.

The better the material used in the making, the sturdier and reliable they are.

Polypropylene Air Hose Reel

Air hose reels use polypropylene in the making as well. The material is light in weight and made of a polymer so you can use such reels for domestic purposes mostly. They cannot withstand high pressure as the steel ones can do.

They are mostly used in making of the enclosed reels that can accommodate the air hose within them. The size can be as more prominent as you want.

The base of the air hose reel is still made of galvanized steel to provide stability to the entire structure. Polypropylene air hoses are not as much durable as the metal ones. But they are cheap as compared to them.

Have a look at the Air compressor hose reels made of polypropylene to have a better insight before you opt to buy any one of them:

1. Goodyear 27527153G Hybrid Polymer Hose

Made of high-quality impact resistant polypropylene, Goodyear 27527153G is one of the best air hose reels available in the market.

It allows the auto-guide rewind system to recoil the air hose smoothly making sure that it gets no kinks.

The reel comes with a mounting bracket which is easily mounted on a wall. It comes with a swivel and a hose inlet connection for quickly connecting the hose to the reel.

It weighs 13 pounds, so it is light in weight. It locks the hose at the desired length, avoiding the automatic recoiling.


  • The auto locking system allows comfortable working.
  • It is economical as compared to its competitors.
  • Light in weight so it can be used efficiently around the job site.


  • The material is not durable and sturdy.
  • The hose end is not crimped on well.

2. Legacy Levelwind Retractable Reel

Made in the USA, Legacy Levelwind Retractable Air/Water Reel is an excellent air hose reel available on the market.

It is made of UV stabilized polypropylenes, so it is suited for domestic use mostly. The reel comes with an automatic winding system that helps to coil the air hose easily.

The automatic locking feature is also present in this air hose reel. The ¾ inches swivel is also a feature to look out for as it reduces the resistant and friction allowing the smooth flow and use of the air hose. It weighs 24 pounds.

So, it is not as heavier as a metal-air hose reel and can be carried easily around the working area.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is lightweight so you can use it easily on any construction or industrial site.
  • It is used mostly as a garden hose for water.


  • It is expensive in comparison to the features that it offers.
  • The lifespan and durability of this product are short.

3. Central Pneumatic 50 Ft Hose Reel

Central Pneumatic 50 Ft Air/Water Hose Reel is also made of plastic and is used as a domestic air hose reel mostly.

Its use in the commercial sector is limited due to its unstable build-up. The hose reel has a material used in the making that is not strong enough to withstand the pressure.

It is used in the garage as an air compressor hose so you cannot use it for water. The product does not let the air hose to kink and protects it from abrasions as well.

It recoils the air hose and locks it at the required length as well. But the main issue in the product is its durability and stability. The main pros and cons of Central Pneumatic Reel are listed below for the customer convenience.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can be easily mounted on the ceiling or can be operated from the ground.
  • It is light in weight and easily used for domestic purposes.


  • The product is not durable due to the plastic used in the making.
  • The design is not sturdy.
  • The customers have reported breaking and cracking of the air hose reel.

Air Hose Reel Made of Steel

Whenever it comes to strength, Steel air hose reels have been found to be more durable and sturdy among all of their competitors.

Steel air hose reels are either enclosed or open ones. The design used in the making allows them to protect the air hose and avoid kinks.

They are either manual or retractable. The retractable ones are a bit overpriced. They have automatic locking systems that lock the desired length of the air hose.

The air hose reels made from steel are mostly used in heavy duty commercial applications.

The reason is that they can withstand more pressure. The base here is mainly made of steel as well to provide extra stability. They last longer as compared to the other material used in making of air hose reels.

4. Coxreels Low-Pressure Retractable Hose Reel

Coxreels P-LP-415 Low-Pressure Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel is one of the best air hose reels made in the USA.

The reel is enclosed so it protects the air hose from kinks and abrasions. It has ¼” steel base that makes it extra durable and sturdy. The CNC Spun discs offer more strength and durability to the air hose.

The NPT swivel makes the hose installation easier and convenient for the customers. The hose stop or the autolocking system allows adjusting the length of the hose according to your need.

It weighs around 41 pounds and is an excellent choice to make as a domestic and industrial air hose reel.


  • It is an ultimate space saver.
  • It has a strong and sturdy
  • It is conveniently used in a wide variety of applications.


  • It is quite heavy regarding weight so you cannot carry it around the job site.
  • It is a bot overpriced as well.

5. Goodyear Steel Retractable Air Hose Reel

Galvanized steel is used in the making of Goodyear Steel Retractable Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel. The air hose reel is used in the industrial sector due to its sturdy design and material used in the making. It weighs 52.1 pounds, so it is quite heavy.

The four directions roller that minimizes the resistance while recoiling. It has a dual pedestal base. It is corrosion resistant.

The air hose reel serves dual purposes as it can be used as an air compressor as well as a water hose. It is durable and easy to assemble.


  • It is durable and has a sturdy design.
  • It can be assembled and mounted easily on a wall.


  • It is heavy so it can’t be carried easily while working in a job site.
  • It is expensive as well.

6. 100 Ft. Open Side Steel Air Hose Reel

Although 100 Ft. Open Side Steel Air Hose Reel is a new name in the market, but its effectiveness cannot be denied. The product from Harbor freight tools is among the best air hose reels of 2018.

The main reason is the sturdy and effective design. It is made of steel which gives it an extra source of strength.

The reel can accommodate an air hose of 100 feet in length. Its handle can move only in one direction which is an issue.

It is easy to assemble and can be easily mounted on a wall for comparatively easy usage. It weighs 8.4 pounds, so it is not heavy as well although it is made of fine grade steel. It’s a great option to go if you are looking for a steel air hose reel.


  • It is easy to assemble so you can use it as soon as you buy it.
  • It is not very expensive although it has excellent features.
  • It comes with a sturdy mounting bracket.
  • Light in weight so you can handle it easily while traveling


  • The handle moves only in one direction while recoiling the air hose.
  • Reveling in the hose can occur.

Final Verdict

Air hose reel is a customer’s need. Air hose cannot be operated effectively without an air hose reel. So, you have to buy an air hose reel to operate the air hose. There are certain things to keep in mind while buying an air hose reel.

The material used in the making is the most concerning. Metal is more durable as compared to plastic. While plastic could be used as well but it is not suited for the industrial use.

The domestic consumption is quite effective with a plastic air hose reel. The base has to be stable as well, and mostly steel is used for making the base of the air hose reel as it is corrosion free.

The mounting style is an important consideration, as well as some air hose reels, operates best in the floor while others work on the ceiling.

Consider these factors before opting to buy the best air hose reels for your use. The ones given above will be of definite help while you are visiting any market for buying an air hose reel.

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