10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

Ever wondered how this world revolves around the internet and social media platforms these days?

Do you know that majority of the people around the globe have reading habits that center around facebook updates, tweets and Instagram posts?

Even the news is now scattered on these social media platforms, and people are more comfortable in reading them here.

Do you remember the last time you read a book, novel, newspaper or a magazine article?

No! Because books and paper reading material are treated like they never even existed.We have forgotten the benefits attached to reading.

If you are one of the thousands of people who do not regularly read anymore, you have forgotten the number of benefits that you get just because of reading. Few of these essential benefits are listed here below. READ!!!

1. Power of Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Whenever you read something especially from a book, it fills your mind with chunks of information.

Reading enhances your knowledge and equips you loads of information that can be useful to you in your life. Extensive knowledge will always enable you to tackle diverse challenges you face in your daily life.

Here is a motivational tip: if you come across difficult circumstances and lose everything you ever had like for example, your money, job, possessions, etc., remember this, the knowledge you have gained throughout your life can never be taken away from you!

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2. Reduces Stress

This is a proven fact that reading books will reduce a lot of stress. So stop taking your stress relieving medicines and start reading.

Stress can come your way in any form; stress from work, personal relationships, and numerous other issues you face in daily life.

Once you get hold of a great book and start reading it, all the stress will fade away when you lose yourself in a great story.

A novel can help you escape the daily grind. There are thousands of great and well-written novels available in the market that need your attention.

Reading novels will engage you and keep your mind distracted from your world. This way, all your tensions will drain away allowing you to relax and have a peace of mind.

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3. Mental Stimulation

Psychological studies have proven that keeping yourself mentally stimulated will prevent one from Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases. Reading kept your brain active and engaged preventing it from losing power.

Just like all muscles in the body, the brain itself needs regular exercise to stay fit and active. Reading keeps your brain active, strong and healthy.

Playing games and solving puzzles will also keep your brain active and strong. All of this not only keeps your brain healthy but also improves cognitive stimulation. So start reading and stay sharp at all times.

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4. Vocabulary Enhancement

The best reason to read and the greatest benefit from it is the expansion of vocabulary. The more you read, the more you come across unfamiliar words and this way you get to know more about them as well.

Reading gives you more exposure to the different words used and even lets you understand how and when to use them.

Every word has multiple synonyms as well. Reading will help you to identify these synonyms. Expanding your vocabulary through reading will improve your speaking skills as well.

Being eloquent and well-spoken can be a great help to you in your daily life, work and profession. It enhances your self-confidence and improves your image in front of the different people you interact with every day.

People who are well-read, well-spoken and have a lot of knowledge will always have a competitive advantage over others.

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5. Improve memory

Whenever you read a book or a novel based on different characters and a story line, you have to remember the characters and their roles in the story.

Every story has different characters with different backgrounds, history, ambitions, personalities, and distinctions.

Remembering all of these elements of each character is quiet a lot to remember. But our brains are designed and specialized to remember everything we put our attention on.

The fun fact about our brain is that every new memory we create produces new brain pathways and strengthens the existing ones. So by reading, we improve our memory and enhance our storing capacity as well.

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6. Improve analytical thinking skills

Readings different books or mystery novels will put you in a situation where you have to solve the mystery in your head while you read till the end.

Doing this, you put your mind into critical thinking. This way your mind is being tested and also being improved to think analytically.

7. Improved writing skills

With the expansion of your vocabulary, you not only bell well-spoken, but you also enhance your writing skills. All this improvement is a direct result of regular reading.

Being exposed to well written, published work has a great impact and effect on one’s writing skills.

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8. Calmness

In addition to stress reduction, reading can bring about immense inner tranquillity and peace. Reading a good book based on a great subject can put your mind and soul in peace and calmness.

It is proven scientifically that reading spiritual books can lower the blood pressure and bring a sense of calmness to one’s mind and body.

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9. Improved Concentration

This new era of internet and social media has made us draw attention to a thousand different directions. When you read a book, your attention and focus are on the story.

The outside world just falls away. Reading enhances your focus and concentration abilities.

Here is a helpful suggestion: read a book or a novel for 20 minutes before work and be surprised at how much focused you get once you reach your office.

10. Free entertainment

Lastly, no one is asking you to buy books from the book store and pay handsome amounts of money. You can always borrow a book or a novel from the local library and return it once you are done with it.

This is the best low budget entertainment one can get. Libraries will offer you books on millions of different topics to read on.

So what are you waiting for, grab a book and start reading!!!

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