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Your home for automotive, tool, and lifestyle advice. Our team of gearheads, DIYers and passionate bloggers spend hours researching the web so you don’t have to. 

There’s tons of choice out there when it comes to the tools you use and the cars you drive. It’s our goal to scour as much of the internet as possible to find you the products that everyone is talking about!

Our reviews and guides are broad in scope and are written to take the hassle out of online shopping. We understand how tedious it can be to trawl through countless product listings for tools that all seem identical on the surface. What if all the tools in a given category are basically the same? 

We’ll tell you about it.

What if that new car accessory you’re considering is actually a rip-off? 

We’ll tell you about it. 

From arc welders, to ATVs everything in between — if it’s on the internet, we want to know about it.

Why You Should Listen to us

In many ways, the internet is “at capacity” — there are a whole lot of voices and they’re all talking over each other. We know it’s our job to convince you that we’re worth listening to. We want to be a source that people can trust. 

If We Recommend It, We Genuinely Think It’s Worth the Money 

Everyone will have a different opinion when it comes to which product is “best”. That said, we’re obsessed with finding the opinion that most often comes out on top. 

If just one review says a product is good, it may or may not be worth considering. 

If practically every corner of the internet is raving about a product, that’s when we know it’s time to get writing.

Information First, Opinions Second 

There’s no escaping opinions when dealing with a review. In fact, that’s the whole point of this site! 

However, we’ll always tell you why we love an aspect of a product and we’ll back it up with facts wherever possible.

Passion Is Our Foundation

Our team of writers is packed full of nerds and we’re not ashamed to admit it! We love DIY, cars and the lifestyle topics we write about. We believe that diving into a subject is the best way to write about it.


The team

Auto Researcher

Gavin Taylor

Gavin was born in Sussex in the UK and now writes from his home in south London. When he’s not writing for Advice Blogger, he likes to cook and buy more house plants than he has space for.

If you read something on our site related to cars, Gavin probably had something to do with it. He first discovered his love of everything auto when joining various societies at university. He doesn’t mind admitting that his interest in car accessories borders on the obsessive.

Gavin spends hours reading up on the latest product developments and trends. His content on this site includes product reviews, as well as how-to guides designed to introduce the average reader to the fundamentals of car management.

simon miller advice blogger tools rsearcher

Tools Researcher

Simon Miller

Simon has been submerged in the world of DIY for as long as he can remember. He completed his first project, a macaroni painting, at the age of 8. He likes to think his skills have developed somewhat since then. He now helps provide Advice Blogger with heaps of research on everything tool-related. 

Working from Kensington, Long Island, Simon spends hours pouring through reviews on sanders, chainsaws and everything in between. At Advice Blogger, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world of DIY. Simon is on the frontline making this happen. 

After many years of home DIY projects, Simon wants to write for both seasoned pros and newbies alike. His content keeps things simple enough for the layperson while making recommendations that professionals will also appreciate. 

He knows that tools and DIY work can be daunting to the uninitiated. It’s his own personal goal to demystify this world and make it as easy as possible for anyone to get started.

Head Content Writer

Alice Hammond

Alice majored in English at the University of Denver. She particularly enjoyed the creative writing and literary studies modules. She’s now the head honcho when it comes to the written content for our site. She oversees the work done by our other writers and decides the overall shape of our blogs.

At the center of Alice’s writing philosophy is the idea that online content should present information in a format that is welcoming, easy to understand and engaging. You won’t find a whiff of snobbery at Advice Blogger. We’re not here to disparage the inexperienced or congratulate “experts”. We love researching products and want to share our findings with the word — it’s just that simple!

When Alice isn’t writing or researching for Advice Blogger, she’s living her best life in her home city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. You might find her walking her two dogs or even doing a spot of park yoga in the sunnier months.